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Hello Nick!
First, obviously, you need to create a Child theme.

Please check the following post:

Also,here is a well-explained video guide:
How To Create A Child Theme For WordPress

After you created a child theme, you need to copy the class-agama-helper.php file into your Framework folder in your Child theme (Path should be: agama-pro-child/Framework/)

To do that, please follow the next steps:

1.Install and activate the “File Manager” plugin (Dashboard->Plugins->Add new)
2. Using the File Manager plugin, Create the “framework” folder in your agama-pro-child folder then Copy your modified class-agama-helper file in it.

Here is the video guide I made for you:
1. Creating a Child theme
2. Copying the file.

If you followed the above steps, your modified file is safe now.