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Hello, Vladimir!

I managed to fix the problem with the customizer. (I reinstalled the WordPress Language files).
Now the text appears in English.

Also, I uploaded the theme translation files for the Russian Language, so now, mostly text in the customizer is in the Russian language. I have made the theme translation using the Yandex Translator and probably it’s not 100% correct.
If you find translation errors, you can correct them as follows:

1. Go to: Dashboard->Loco translate->Agama Pro
then “Русский”

2. Find the text string you want to change

3. Correct the translation…

4.Save the changes

5. click on the Synchronise button.

On what page/place you want to include these Icons?

PS: Once when you corrected all the text strings, it will be very helpful to us if you send me the ru_RU.po file located in the wp-content/themes/agama-pro/languages folder so we can include this translation in the future theme update.



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