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Hello Fernando!

The “banner” (slider) is created using the “Layer Slider” premium slider plugin which you received with the theme
If you want to have it , install and activate the Layer slider plugin (if you already doesn’t)
then download the
Home page slider from the link below!xhFQjSrA!8ZviTrv-BQ_Wx0oM2pF1HKZ_DLjgoXdEqD4F7JvfimU

and Import the downloaded file into your Layer slider plugin sliders.

then Insert the Layer slider into your Frontpage. (Your Frontpage needs to be a Static)
Here is a guide on How to create a Static Frontpage

Please check this Video Guide.

If you do not know how to import it, you can give us your website URL & admin user/pass in private reply and we will import it for you.

Since you said you are the beginner, Here are some good resources if you want to learn to work with WordPress:
Our Knowledgebase is a good start point.
You can visit our Chanel on Youtube too.

There are many good tutorials on youtube to learn to build your website with WordPress.

I think the easiest way for you, is to create your website using the Elementor Page builder (Which we suggest to install with the theme)
Please check the following links:

How To Make A WordPress Website Within One Hour (using the free Elementor page builder)
How To Design A Beautiful Homepage Using Elementor For WordPress

Feel free to contact us again if there is anything you need help with.

Best Regards

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