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Hello, Vladimir!

I’m sorry for the late reply (It’s a Christmas time) 🙂

Here are the answers:

Can I adjust the amount of text that is displayed on the home page by the GA Blog widget?

Partially yes. You can try to change the post content view, from the Full to the Excerpt, then limit the Excerpt length as you wish. This option will set the excerpt length for all Posts.
I think that you actually need the Custom Excerpt. (Insert the custom text).Unfortunately, currently, the plugin has no options to insert the custom excerpt. (If you wish that, you can contact the plugin developer to include this option in a future release

Where it is more convenient to place page visit counters in our topic?

I personally like to put the visitor counter as a Footer widget.

Found a mistake on the site When an error occurred, I did not know. It is possible to correct somehow?

This problem is a very common server related issue.
Please read a following article: