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Hello, Jason,

We apologize for the delay…

The easiest way (Also recommended by Adobe) is to add the Adobe Typekit Fonts using the CSS.
You don’t need to add the code for every particular page, It’s easy to apply the Font sitewide using just one CSS code.

Also, if you using the “Elementor” Page builder to build your pages, there is a free plugin called “Custom Adobe Fonts (Typekit)” This plugin helps you embed Adobe fonts easily in your Elementor Page builder.
If you’re not using the Elementor, you need to write the custom CSS to apply the fonts.
There is also a direct method to integrate the Typekit fonts into Elementor:
Custom Fonts – How to Add Adobe Typekit to Elementor

Also, I found the “Typekit Fonts for WordPress” plugin interesting.

For those who will need the Guide here are some useful articles:
How to Add Typekit Fonts to WordPress
How to Add Custom Fonts to WordPress
How to Add Custom Fonts in WordPress Manually and Using a Plugin
How to add Awesome Typography in WordPress with Typekit