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Hi, Nick!

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a precise date, because, in the meantime, we decided to skip version 1.5.0 and move directly to version 2.0.0, which we coded from scratch, which is in the testing phase.
If you wish, you can add a search box on the top of your webpage on the mobile screens as follows:

1.Navigate to Dashboard->Appearance->Theme editor
2 On the top right corner from the “Select theme to edit: ” drop-down select the Agama-Pro theme (it should be already selected)
3. Find the “Theme Header (header.php)” file on the right side, then click on it.
4. It should appear on the main screen area.

5. Insert the following code right before the <?php Agama::get_header(); ?>

<?php get_search_form(); ?>

6. Click on the “Update File” button to save the changes.

7. Insert the following code into Customizing->General->Adittional CSS:

@media only screen and (min-width: 993px){
#masthead .search-form{

That’s all, you should now have the full-width search box on top of your webpage on the screens smaller than 993px.

After that, you can turn off the 3rd party search box plugin.
If this is too complicated for you, please give me the Address to your Website and a WP-Admin username and password so that I can do it for you.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards

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