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Hello, tomwalter!

Unfortunately, we don’t have this option yet, but there is a way to do that using the custom CSS code:

First, you need to find the specific page ID number on the page which you want to apply the
code (remove the widget)

to discover the page id, please follow the steps below :

1. Navigate in your browser to the page you want to work with.
2. Right-click on that page (anywhere) and select “Inspect Element“.
3. Search inside the site’s markup for the body tag. It should be one of the first element in the source.
You’ll see it has many classes. Look for the class that starts with “page-id-…”. That’s the class you should use.

You can check THIS video guide

then, Open the Customizing->General->Additional CSS
and insert the below code. Add the Page selector for every page you want to remove the form and replace the page ID. (Separate the selectors with a comma)

.page-id-47 #footer-wrapper .wpforms-widget,
.page-id-50 #footer-wrapper .wpforms-widget
    display: none!important;

For the Homepage:

.home #footer-wrapper .wpforms-widget{
    display: none!important;

For the Blog page (page with the posts):

.blog #footer-wrapper .wpforms-widget{
    display: none!important;