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Hello Mirko,

Hope you’re doing well.

In your last query, You wanted to know how to specify the portfolio slug to use them elsewhere on the site.

Please follow these steps below to that:

First, go to your WordPress dashboard > Settings > Permalinks.

Change the permalinks from “Plain” to “Custom Structure”

See the screenshot:

Now again from the menu go to “Vision Portfolio > All Items” and on that page hover on any of the portfolio items you want the slug of it.

Then right-click on your mouse and select the “Copy link address” and that’s it. You’ll have the single portfolio item slug on your clipboard, Now you can use that URL anywhere to access that item.

See the screenshot:

If you want to access not just a single portfolio but many then simply just add them to a category.

To do that see these screenshots:

1 >
2 >
3 >

Hope it helps you to understand.
Feel free to reach us again if you need any further assistance.


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