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    I’d just like to ask about the licensing of WPBakery. You get it as Theme Vision Plugin but it’s not licensed? Is it included or do I need to activate it somehow?

    That’s all I’d like to know.

    Thank you.


    Hello, Dultus!

    Agama pro theme come with bundled premium plugins so you get it at the price of Agama Pro theme and do not have to pay extra for them, and we regularly update the bundled plugins with the theme.

    If you want to access a WPBakery Page Builder premium features as installing templates you will need to purchase a WPBakery Page Builder plugin and you will be provided with a code for activating a plugin.

    If you decide to buy WPBakery Page Builder license to use templates, there are next steps you need to do to activate your WPBakery Page Builder:

    1) Switch from Agama Pro to any WordPress default theme.
    2) Disable Vision Core plugin.
    3) Disable & Delete WPBakery Page Builder plugin.
    4) Install WPBakery Page Builder plugin.
    5) Activate WPBakery Page Builder plugin license.
    6) Enable Vision Core plugin.
    7) Activate Agama Pro theme.



    Hello Dultus,

    The WPBakery plugin you get with Agama Pro theme as bundled plugin without license. The plugin itself will work normally without license and we provide you a free plugin updates from our update library.

    However if you want to access to WPBakery plugin premium content (as Template Library) you will need to obtain proper license for plugin from it’s owner.

    Best Regards


    Alright. Thank you two fro your help. That explained my question in detail.

    Have a nice day.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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