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    Jenni Harala

    I noticed the following message while editing my pages.

    “The next Agama PRO update (v1.5.0) is MAJOR so it means that many elements on the theme will be changed visually and many class names and ids renamed. Make sure that you make proper theme files and settings backup before you upgrade to Agama PRO v1.5.0. If you dont wanna mess up something it would be best to contact us on our support forums so we can upgrade Agama PRO theme to the 1.5.0 version instead of you. The Agama PRO v1.5.0 should be released max for 1 month from now but it could be much sooner. ThemeVision Support Forums (Support forums are visible only to logged-in users).”

    What to do with this? Does the update mean that my site will not necessarely work as it should after that?


    Hello Jenni!

    I apologize for the delay, I missed your post…

    Version 1.5.0. is still in development mode. Once when we release it, you will see the pending update in your WordPress dashboard.
    Anyway, If you are satisfied with the work of your current theme version, you do not need to update it.
    As we stated in the message, we are making some changes in the theme which will improve the speed and look of the theme. But it may happen that you may need to make minor adjustments after updating the current theme. The message you receive is just a warning to back up your current theme settings before updating, in case you need to restore your existing settings. or something goes wrong with the update.
    The backup is a common thing, in WordPress, there is nothing scary about it.

    So, don’t worry, your theme should be just fine.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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