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    Shane Dixon

    I downloaded a created a version of my website offline locally on my PC before uploading it to replace my current website so I wasnt working on a live site. I was excited with the Agama theme as I had a random header image load each time the page loaded with the bottom of the header set as a wave. I had the particles and an overlay in the header image meanwhile the Logo was also on this header. However i had an issue with the menu colours and thought maybe the Pro version could fix it. So I bought the Agama Pro and I dont have ANY of these options. All the functionality is completely different! I would have thought the Pro theme would have unlocked more customization options…but I cant have the same waves header bottom. I cant have a random header image. The image with the particles is not a part of the header at all!
    Because this is all offline, I cant link to it. I wish I could send screenshots. What am I doing wrong with this Pro version theme?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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