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    just bought the pro version and am liking what I can do!

    how do you set or change the background colour for navigation?

    at present, if you hover over a link that opens a further menu, it is transparent – can you set a colour?

    in the free version it is white – which would be great – i just can’t find how to change/set it

    also, in the free version you can have randomised header images (that change each time someone visits a page) – how do you set this up in the pro version?


    andy b


    ok. i’ve sorted the the background colour issue for drop down menus.

    wasn’t quite the name i thought it’d be!

    still wondering about those randomised header images though


    andy b


    Hi Andrew Berry,

    We got all your questions. But, for better understand the exact problems about the navigation menu of your first two question. Can you please share your site link?

    In the last question, You wanted randomized header images option in the pro version too. Yeah we are working on it. You will have the option in the next version for sure!



    The website is at

    For now, I’ve created a taller header image, with a purple top band, so the menu is visible. I eventually found the option to put a colour behind the sub menus – the ones that come down when you hover on the top menu.

    Great news on the randomised headers – I know you can set them, with the custom setting on any single post/page, but a global option is always good!


    Andy B

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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