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    I’m new to this theme. Just bought PRO and love it, but have an issue with the blog display.

    I set the blog to display in small blocks, but it does not show a link at the bottom of the page for OLDER POSTS. This link for OLDER POSTS will show up if I set the blog layout to List Layout.

    I prefer the Grid Layout, but thought I might try this layout until I can get the OLDER POSTS link to display on the GRID LAYOUT. However, when I set my blog to SMALL THUMBS LAYOUT, the blog shows up as list display. I was previously able to use the SMALL THUMBS LAYOUT while I was running the free Agama Pro, so I know what it looked like and that is not what is showing.

    Of note, the OLDER POSTS link does show on LIST LAYOUT (and it also shows when set to SMALL THUMBS LAYOUT, even though the blog shows as LIST and not THUMBS LAYOUT.

    Otherwise, I absolutely love your work on this theme. Please keep up the great work!



    Hello Frank,

    Thanks for reporting bugs, you are helping to all community when discover the bug and im glad for that 🙂

    I will check today and prepare fix so update should be released quickly maybe even tonight.

    Im glad you like my work, i will give my best to improve this theme even much much better than it’s right now 😉

    Best Regards


    Thank you Jerry!

    The grid layout looks fantastic…I’d wouldn’t want to change the layout because of this little bug.



    Jerry, another related question…

    If I make custom edits using Editor….for example, I add Facebook pixels and other ad tracking pixels to my Footer.php, do I lose these customizations whenever the theme is updated? I noticed I lost some of my customizations when I upgraded from the Free to Pro. I would just like to know if this is something I should be aware of so I can be sure to put the codes back in whenever I update.

    Thank you.


    Hello BetterOptions,

    Yes if you made any changes to agama-pro theme core files, you will lose all changes once theme is updated.

    But you can activate Agama Pro Child theme and you can add you changes into child theme so once theme is updated you will not lose any custom changes, you can read about child theme here:

    If you are doing some CSS customizations you can also add all CSS code to: Appearance -> Customize -> Styling -> Custom CSS so once theme is updated your changes will not be removed since they will be stored into database.

    Also if you want to add any jQuery tracking code you can add it to: Appearance -> Customize -> General -> Analytics this will be stored into database also.


    • This reply was modified 6 years, 8 months ago by Jerry.

    Thank you Jerry. I very much appreciate you taking the time to explain that!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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