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    Dear support,
    EU GDPR requires that if people use a contact form, they have to be informed about the the website owners data protection.
    This is why I want to add a textblock (or checkbox) above the Sent-Message-Button which says sth like “if you use this contact form, you confirm our privacy policy etc (with a hyperlink referring to our impressum)”

    how can I add this textblock in the contact form?

    best option would be to have a checkbox “i agree to the data protection…” which has to be checked to send a contact-message. if possible, you could tell me how to do that instead of the textblock.

    for the next update you might insert that kind of a checkbox as standard for the contact form?

    thank you a lot!


    furthermore I don’t need that googlemaps function in the contact form. it doenst work anyway correctly, as theres only text that is covered 50% by the textbox…. have a look yourself: how can i deactivate it?


    Hello, PYUREcrew!

    For adding a text into the contact form template, you will need to modify a theme file, so I suggest you use the Agama Pro-Child theme to avoid the changes when the theme is updated.

    Then follow the next steps:

    1.Log-in to your hosting space (server) via FTP client.
    On your server, find the agama-pro folder in the theme folder
    (path should be this: … / wp-content / themes / agama-pro /)

    2. find the contact.php file inside the wp-content/themes/agama-pro/templates/ folder.
    3. Copy that file to the wp-content/themes/agama-pro-child/templates folder.
    4. Edit file in the agama-pro-child folder with some text editor (Notepad++)
    5. Scroll down to the line #164
    6. insert next code below that line:

    <div class="col-md-12"style="margin-bottom: 25px;">
     <p style="color:white;font-weight:bold;"><?php echo 'Enter whatever you want...';?><p>

    …so your contat.php file after adding the code should look like this:

    7. Save the file.

    Change the text and color in the <p> tag if you want.

    To remove a google-map from the contact-form background, use next custom CSS code:
    (insert it in Customize->General->Additional CSS).




    okay nice, fine, that worked! 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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