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    I am looking to be able to dictate where those top four text boxes that “fly” in will land on each page. The home page is fine that they’re on top, but after that I would like to place text above them for other pages, and place them at the bottom on still other pages. Some pages, I’d like to remove them altogether.

    It appears my only option is to have them on the top for all pages or on the bottom for all pages.

    I need to adjust depending on the page. The reason is such that on mobile, you have to scroll through all four every single time for every single page which may deter people from staying on the site because it is too difficult to get to the information they need– which is counter-productive.

    Could you guide me as to how I can accomplish more flexibility with where those land on each page? Thank you!



    You can create different front page boxes on each page with a WP_Bakery Page builder.

    Please check the video tutorial on this link.
    I think that way you can achieve what you need.

    Best Regards


    Thank you for your response. You said I can “create different front page boxes on each page…” Do you mean each text box can be edited to say something else? What I am aiming to do is not only customize them, but also MOVE them. On each page they need to be in a different position on the page. I did go look at the WPBakery, but I do not see an easy adjustment for this. Will this require custom coding or is there a WYSIWYG way to do that?

    Thank you!



    I will try to be clearer…
    What you want to do with FrontPage Boxes is not possible.
    It is possible to hide them on some pages, but the position will always be the same – above OR below the content. It is not possible to change the position depending on the page.

    So that is why I recommend you that instead of classic frontpage boxes, create frontpage boxes using the.

    WP Bakery page builder, as explained in the video from the previous post.

    Boxes created in this way can be set where you want, regardless of page and position on the page.

    No coding skills needed. It’s all WYSIWYG.

    Please, check the next video first:
    WPBakery page builder Beginners guide

    Then try to make the boxes following the next video guide.

    I can make frontpage boxes for you, if you give me your login credentials, just let me know on what pages/positions you want to show it.

    Best Regards


    Thank you for your help on this! Regarding your last message that my AgamaPro isn’t registered and I cannot update. You asked me to leave you an account unlock so you can check with the Head Developer as to what the problem is. I purchased and downloaded the theme… but do not recall an option to register. Please instruct me as to what you need. I don’t understand what you mean by an “account unlock” but I am happy to provide what is needed to get properly registered.

    Thank you again for all your help!


    Hello, ProtektOnline!

    You do not have to worry about it. In the meantime, I registered your theme for you. Now everything is fine.

    Best Regards

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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