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    Lazarus Redmayne

    Where/how can I customize the look and content displayed by Large Image (prettyPhoto) when called from the link I have as part of my custom Grid template


    Hello, Lazarus!

    I’m not sure what you exactly want to customize.

    If I correctly understand you,
    you want to customize the featured image on the Single post page.

    You can add/change this image from the media library when creating a post.

    Please Check this Link

    To enable the Image on the Single post page, go to Customizing ▸ Blog ▸ Single Post menu, and turn on the Featured Thumbnail.


    Lazarus Redmayne

    Not quite what I was meaning.

    If you see this screenshot

    I am meaning the lightbox itself. Where is says “Gouldian finch” and “colorful birds taking a nap” and the control keys to move about the portfolio. Is there a place those elements can be customized?


    Hello Lazarus,

    On blog grid layout you can only enable/disable Lightbox by going to:
    customize -> Blog -> General -> Lightbox

    There are no any other customization options for Lightbox right now… you are only one from many clients looking to modify it, so tell us what exactly you want modify and how ?


    Lazarus Redmayne

    Right now, when used to display a Picture from the medial library, it is only showing the picture Title, it is not showing Caption or Description. I had wanted to add those elements.


    Hello Lazarus!

    Now I see what you mean…
    Unfortunately, you seem to find a bug … we’ll fix it in the next update.

    Thank you for the understanding.

    Best Regards

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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