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    I get this message on my desboard.

    The next Agama PRO update (v1.5.0) is MAJOR so it means that many elements on the theme will be changed visually and many class names and ids renamed. Make sure that you make proper theme files and settings backup before you upgrade to Agama PRO v1.5.0. If you dont wanna mess up something it would be best to contact us on our support forums so we can upgrade Agama PRO theme to the 1.5.0 version instead of you. The Agama PRO v1.5.0 should be released max for 1 month from now but it could be much sooner. ThemeVision Support Forums (Support forums are visible only to logged-in users).

    Nice but how can i disable this, because i have read it, and i don’t have to see it on every page of my desboard



    This is just the info message that will be removed in the next theme version.
    The message didn’t affect any functionality of the theme.

    But, if you find it annoying, here are the steps to remove it:

    1. Open the theme Editor (Dashboard->Appearance->Editor)

    2. Chose to edit an Agama Pro theme in the top-right corner.

    3.On the right side, find the admin-init.php file, located on the framework/admin/ folder.

    4. click on an admin-init.php file to edit it.

    5.In the main window, scroll down to the line #40 and comment the line
    add_action( 'admin_notices', [ 'AgamaUpgradeNotice', 'init' ] );
    (add a // sign in front of the line of the code).

    6. Click on the “Update file” button to save the changes.

    7. Refresh the page.

    The message should be gone now.


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    Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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