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    Philipp Lange


    I’m using Agama Pro with the Agama Pro child theme.
    The host for the site is HostEurope.
    I’ve got no php or js changes within the theme just some css modifications for styling.

    The original contact page with no changes and a valid reCHAPCHA key is used.
    Sending the mail after verification leads to “Gut gemacht! Deine Nachricht wurde erfolgreich versendet. “… but the mail never arrives.
    I tried different mail addresses within the Customizer contact settings.
    The mail is also not treated as spam.

    I’ve seen in this forum that some other users have the same problem, but have not found any solution.

    Page address:

    Thanks for help,


    Hello Philip,

    You can read next thread with similar issue and try the user solution, read carefully to the end.

    This is not Agama Pro bug related, i think it is a hosting related thing but cannot give you any details why this happening on some websites right now.


    Philipp Lange

    Hi Jerry,

    you are right.
    The problem is on the host side.
    The provider prevents attacks by blocking mails out of scripts.

    So a valid sender mail address must be registered on the host side before mailing out of scripts will succeed.
    Here is the way for german users using HostEurope and KIS after log in: “Produktverwaltung -> Webhosting -> [select Domain] Konfigurieren -> Menu “Skripte & Datenbanken” -> “Skript Einstellungen”.
    Now select a valid sender mail address from your configuration.

    Maybe this helps someone.



    Thanks for confirming my statement & sharing your solution for our clients.

    But we cannot guarantee that this solution will work on every hosting provider.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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