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    Hi, I am currently using Agama Blue, and just purchased the Pro theme. I don’t see the Agama (migrate) button appears on the left hand menu, wondering how can I migrate to Pro?

    Second question, how can I remove the page title?

    Please advise. Thanks


    Hello, ZETONG HUANG!

    Make sure you properly installed and registered the theme.

    Also there is a migration feature to migrate your settings from free to the pro theme, so your pro theme should look like your free theme.

    Please check the next video guide:

    Depending on the setting of your site, it may sometimes happen that during migration, not all of the settings have been properly migrated. In that case, you will need to manually do some tweaks. Typically these are minor tweaks, which can be completed within a few minutes.

    Also, we can migrate your theme for you, but in that case, we will need the address to your website and WP admin username/ password in the private reply.

    The Page titles can be disabled from the Customizing ▸ General ▸ Pages menu.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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