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    ABDULRAHMAN aljabri

    I am using the pro version of Agama theme with both LTR and RTL for English & Arabic.

    I want to use the Front page Box in my home page. But I am unable to make it multi language.

    Please guide me on that.


    ABDULRAHMAN aljabri

    Can I expect some response on it today ? Its more than 24 hours now.



    Sorry for the late reply. We are not in the office at the weekend.

    Unfortunately, currently, the only way to solve that is to make a different Custom Frontpage Boxes for each language using the WP_Bakery page builder(in that case you will need to turn off the “Front page boxes” and make your Homepage a Static). If you don’t have the WP Bakery page builder installed , you can download it from the next link:!4JgmAKwY!mwxs6ve6wu1XspvALzw3OWHPqVKRBJEcWJZ0WF1xOvU

    Please check the next video guide:
    Video Guide

    Hope this solution will work for you.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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