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Front page box links on mobile version do not work.

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    On our website, the button box links on the homepage do not work from mobile (Android) devices.

    We have tested on desktop in reduced windows and they work fine, but if you try any of the “Read more” buttons on your mobile device they will not link through.

    This is causing a significant issue with our potential sales conversions.

    Thanks for your fast response.



    Hello Stuart!

    I tested your website from the Android mobile phone and didn’t found the problem you described.
    Please see the videos from the links below:

    Chrome browser
    Firefox browser

    We need more information:
    1. Have you tried to open your website on another device?
    2. What android version/Browser, Browser version do you use?
    3. Have you tried to clear the browser’s cache?



    Curious! Yes we tried on different devices with up to date browsers.

    I just tested again and made it work, but the response time was very slow. do you think this might be more to do with image size or some other aspect?

    Is there are way to improve the responsiveness of the buttons?


    Hello, Stuart!

    If the links previously didn’t work, and now they are working, you probably made some changes in the meantime (deactivating a plugin that made a conflict …).
    The reason for the slow opening of the page cannot be a button’s responsiveness.
    There are many things that can affect the speed of the page opening (after clicking on a link), of course, this includes image optimization.
    Please see the following articles, maybe they can help you to solve the problem with responsiveness:

    Best Regards


    Further testing shows it works on some android devices but fails on Samsung phones..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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