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    Hi Jerry
    Thank you for the great template its great!!

    I have looked on whole forum for this issue/ feature and cant find an anser.

    So what i would like to archieve is…

    In Header V3 its working great but i would like to make a few changes for example i prtsrn and made a photo colage to represent what i want to archieve as an example.

    is there a special css to archieve this?

    thx in advance and keep up the good work

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    for some reason the photo didnt upload

    here is link


    Hello Maria,

    You didn’t marked of what exactly you want to make changes but i suppose it’s related to the language flags on the header right side.

    You can achieve even better results with PolyLang plugin and you will be able to insert language flags in the menu links area with it so my suggestion for you is to try a PolyLang plugin:




    Hi Jerry thx for replying

    What I want to archive is exactly what I posted on photo.

    At the moment I can’t have site title with tagline with logo at same time next to menu.
    The flag box is OK as I have option to insert it to menu with ease.
    I hope I made myself clear this time.
    Sorry the confusion
    I will check out that polylang to see if it’s better than the Google one

    Thx in advance
    The website I’m working on is as fallow


    Right now it’s impossible using website tagline with image | textual logo.

    But i can implement this feature in next theme version so i’m adding it to my todo list 😉



    Thx Jerry
    i cant wait for it in near future
    keep up the good work

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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