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    When changing from AGAMA BLUE to AGAMA PRO CHILD there are some points I can’t figure out:

    1) For static front page I have selected Last Blogs, but I don’t want the sidebar on this page (like in AGAMA BLUE)

    2) In AGAMA Blue there is the setting AGAMA BLUE OPTIONS -> Blog where I can set the Blog Heading Title and the number of Blogs shown on this page.
    Where is this setting in the AGAMA Pro Child?

    3) In AGAMA Blue I use a HMTL Widget in the Footer 1 with this code:
    Michael Egger © 2012 – <?php echo date(“Y”); ?>
    which outputs “Michael Egger © 2012 – 2017” as expected.
    With AGAMA PRO CHILD it shows “Michael Egger © 2012 -“, obviously the php is not executed

    4) In AGAMA Blue I found an editor for adding Custom CSS under STYLING -> Custom CSS
    What is the counterpart in AGAMA PRO CHILD (I have just found GENERAL -> ADDITIONAL CSS, but no editor)
    If I enter the same code (Copy and paste) I have in AGAMA BLUE it gives me an error that a comment is not closed ?!

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    I have discovered an additional problem when trying to register the product. I followed your guide (Themevision -> Register Product), but always get the answer “Wrong e-mail or User-ID”. Vision Core is installed and activated. I have tried the registration with AGAMA PRO theme activated and AGAMA PRO CHILD theme activated too, but no success. What am I doing wrong?



    Every customization you did with the Agama Blue, you can easily do with the Agama-Pro theme (and much more).
    Maybe our documentation can help you with the start

    For the questions, you asked for…

    1. To turn off the sidebar on specific page, you need to edit that page (Dashboard->Pages->Edit)
    then scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the “Agama Page Options ” meta box.
    Open the “Page” tab, and disable the sidebar. ( & update the page.

    2. For the Blog headings font size, you need to go to:Customizing -> General-> Headings
    and change the Heading H1 Font size. (

    For setting up a blog layout like on Agama Blue you will need to use Visual Composer “Media Grid” or “Post Grid” shortcode. (

    For the number of blog posts on the page, go to: Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading
    and enter the number of the posts to be shown.

    3. The HTML widget you was using was not product from not in free not in pro version so i suppose that as name says it’s only HTML code supposed to be executed there.

    4. We have removed Custom CSS editor from PRO version of Agama since we switched to default WordPress “Additional CSS” editor which should work same as the one you had in free theme. If you get any errors that’s means you need to check the pasted CSS code and find the noted error and fix it.

    5. Probably you have entered wrong order id or order email, your order id is “6412” and your order email “” so please check those 2 fields if match the ones you entered in your theme registration.



    at first thanks for the quick answer.

    ad 1) If I select the latest blogs as the static front page (which is the case), this one is not available under pages, so I cannot make the changes you propose. So how to remove the sidebar in that case?

    ad 2) I will try to implement it!

    ad 3) The HTML widget is the original widget delivered with WordPress and is working fine with AGAMA BLUE! Switching the theme to AGAMA PRO the php-code is not executed anymore.

    ad 4) I will check this!

    ad 5) I have used this e-mail address and this order id, but it doesn’t work at all!

    Thanks a lot for helping!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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