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    here my problem:

    I completely did my “home page” with visual composer. See: When the site is loading, the first seconds the page/content is loaded with white spaces on the left and right. Perhaps padding or margin? I dont know. I set all content of Visual composer to full with without paddings. Then I thought, mmmh ok, perhaps I also have to set the page to full with in WordPress site options. But the result is the same. The site first loads with white spaces on the left and right and jumps after a while to full with. Can you help me with this problem? Would be nice, because this doesnt look good.

    Thank you very much!


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    Hello Artan,

    Well that’s totally normal since there are allot of jQuery CSS code applied right after page is loaded so you can see with your eyes exactly when a jQuery code for width or padding are applied to some of containers, i think this is mostly related to the Visual Composer containers since you added full-width containers.

    You can try to enable a page Pre-Loader so visitors will not see the website until it is fully loaded.

    You can enable it from:

    Appearance -> Customize -> General -> Pre Loader

    As i said above, there is delay because of jQuery applying CSS code once page is loaded so this effect is visible by eye even if that’s quickly done from jQuery side but not enough quickly to not see it.

    Best Regards

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    ok so theres no solution to avoid it so that the content doesnt load first in this smaller “box” but directly in full screen??? Sorry, cant understand the issue. I´m not a programmer but I thought that wouldnt be a big thing to solve that. Its just my logical understanding, when I´m putting the page via the theme/wordpress to full width and also do the same in Visual Composer, why it nevertheless loads first with the white spaces at both sides. But ok, I dont have the view as you have it. Perhaps this is a thing you can solve with the next update.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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