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    I tried out the free version of Agama and set up custom colors, Frontpage Box icons, header images, sliders with links, etc. I decided to buy the Agama Pro version. However, when I installed Agama Pro, everything went back to their defaults and forced me to start over. Was there a way to upgrade and still retain all the customization I had done? Currently I have both the Agama and Agama Pro themes installed.

    Please let me know so I don’t do the same mistake in the future on some other websites that are currently set up with the free Agama theme. It’s such a pain having to change all the colors back to what I had set up, let alone all the other attributes.



    Hello Bradley,

    Im really sorry for issue you have but unfortunately there is no other way than manual to migrate all options from Agama free to Agama Pro right now but i have a plan to code a plugin which will be able to start automatic migration all options from Agama free to Agama Pro theme but this is still on my TODO list since im too much busy and i have much important things todo first.

    I can just offer you my help to configure Agama Pro to match your Agama free styling, you will just need to provide me your website url & admin user/pass in private reply.

    Best Regards


    Hi Jerry,

    Okay, thanks for the prompt answer. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something incorrectly. That would be great if some sort of automatic migration gets integrated in the future.

    And thanks for your offer, but that’s okay. Plus, like you mentioned, you have more important issues on your plate.


    I really would like this customization too… it’s a bit annoying to have to redo it all over again.


    Hello Amrita,

    Well i’m finding solution for this issue… probably the code for migration process will be included in Agama Pro version in some of next updates.

    Right now i can just offer you my help to setup your Pro version to match your Free version.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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