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    Jason Bodor

    I am working on a theme for a new website and in Mobile I am not able to get the Menu to be inline and right-aligned with the logo (with the logo left-aligned). It seems that the Center/Left toggle on the Logo for mobile is not functioning is this a known bug?


    Hello, Jason!

    Actually that’s the way the mobile menu looks in the pro theme.
    So no, it’s not a bug 🙂

    In order to have the mobile menu similar to the free theme, please insert the following codes into Customizing->General->Additional CSS:

    @media (max-width:480px) {
    #agama-logo a {
     max-width: 80%!important;
     text-align: left!important;
     float: left!important;
     width: 20%!important;
     clear: none!important;
     text-align: right!important;
     .footer-widgets .container{

    Best Regards

    Jason Bodor

    Great thank you this worked perfectly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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