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    The submenu is total unfolded in mobile phone version. When you open menu “PERROS” must be close the submenu “PIENSOS NATURALES PARA PERROS” and I shouldnt see all the submenu.


    Hello @biotxakur,

    I have made proper changes in mobile menu per your needs.

    Download style.min.css file:!45kmAaiA!mIjBuHOoyEd2pwZYAtxzhBv03GHvdHi8qYd9fnnFnCI

    and override it to next theme directory:

    Download functions.js file:!dt0EkK7D!jXPTVGGhjODFZg44pJJ_rkW6ygG-SC3tTs17FOyRP5k

    and override it to next theme directory:

    Once you do that refresh your website and see if you notice proper changes in mobile menu.

    If you will not notice any changes go to:
    Customize -> General -> Extra -> Development Mode

    and turn Development Mode on, after that check again for changes in mobile menu.

    This change will be also included in next theme update.

    Best Regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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