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    Hi Jerry

    Im just upgrading my system to make use of multisite.

    up until today i have been using only the parent theme as my main
    now i would like to use child themes as templates for my other versions of multisite but im still new to this hence why i need your help.
    because my site is older than meeting criteria to make use of sub-directory i only have the option of using sub-domains. (it sux)
    so far so good
    i created 3x sub domains
    1- pt.domain
    2- en.domain
    3- *.domain dont know why i need this but i read it its what i need so i created one
    this is to make a copy of my site in different languages as im currently using auto translate pluggin and its not making a good job at translations
    my question is…

    How do i set up child themes to each of these sub-domains? so i can manual translate and have a landing page to direct visitors to their prefered language?

    im scratching my head atm as to how to set it up

    thank you so much in advance


    Little update

    I have successufully set up multisite and its now running ok
    i also managed to set up as sub-directories 🙂 happy days
    in terms of child themes i had to use pluggin child theme configurator it worked like a charm
    i also put your version of child theme to use it for my main network
    my question is… when you release future updates will these child themes also update as it should?
    im now having to configure & clone each version of child theme separetly as well all pluggins as they did not carrie same settings as the parent theme 🙁

    issue im having at the moment is now my themes are not registred hod do i register them ? when i go to register it says unkown theme and cant register

    once again thank for your hard work

    ps: any idea when single page theme options come live?


    “Register Product

    Unknown Product is now installed and ready to use! Get ready to build something beautiful. Please register your product to get automatic updates. Product Registration Guide

    Not installed product from website. “


    Hello Maria,

    We are not updating child theme since with every new update you would lost your custom changes, we update only main Agama Pro theme once per month.

    For theme registration you can follow next guide:



    i managed to work around
    CTC plugin creates an unknow version of a child theme hence why it cant be registered, so i deleted CTC versions and added official child themes to my site thereby they could be registerd 🙂
    when you say you dont update child themes does that mean child themes wont use new features added to main theme?
    im confused now
    i thought that when you use a child theme they would aquire updates throu main theme.

    you can set this as resolved 🙂 its working fine now i hope

    any ETA on single page theme and ability to use both logo with site title and site description all at same time?

    is there a code i could use meanwhile?

    once again thank you for your help and support



    Hello Maria,

    Child theme uses all features from parent Agama Pro theme so once we add new features to Agama Pro theme the same features will be applied to child theme. Child theme itself cannot work without parent Agama Pro theme so if you have child theme activated it means both Agama Pro Child and Agama Pro theme are activated since child theme is there only for adding a custom functions to it without losing any data when update for parent (Agama Pro) theme is released.

    More info:

    The update for Agama Pro theme should already be released but i’m constantly adding some changes so it requires allot of testing before update is released since we do not wanna see any broken websites because of missing some serious bugs.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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