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    Curtis Ray

    I need to learn how to edit the skin file so that it shows the actual changes I want. Those changes include making the entire part of the site that is background #ffffff to something more like #f9f9f9 or some other offwhite colour. I would also shrink down my bread crumb bar. It is far too thick for my taste.

    If you have a link to some doc or guide I would love to see it. I could not find it by searching your site’s documentation.

    Curtis Ray

    I did try to create a lights.css to see if it would show up as a selectable skin. I also tried to edit the dark.css to see if I could effect any change. The result was the same as if those files didn’t exist (to me) nothing I did changed anything. I know how to edit .css files I wanted to be clear that the problem I am having is about the theme and not how to do css.

    Curtis Ray

    oops never mind. I literally thought ‘pages’ meant it would only affect pages as in the what WP engine calls pages but then what of other things… like posts?


    Hello, Curtis!

    First of all, I don’t recommend you to edit the theme files.

    Next, If you want to customize your theme, please use the built-in options from the customizer ( Dashboard->Appearance->Customize)

    There you can find many options to customize the look of your theme.

    e.g if you want to change the height of the breadcrumb, you can go to Customizing-> Breadcrumb -> General…
    And change the height per your needs

    Also, If you want to change the page background color, simply go to : Customizing ▸ General ▸ Pages menu and pick your favorite page background color,

    If you want to add some custom CSS codes, instead of the modifying theme CSS files, simply insert it into the Customizing->General->Additional CSS

    If you find that some options missing and you need some additional help with custom CSS, I can help you with that.

    Also, please check our knowledge base at the following address:

    Best Regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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