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    Hi! Yesterday I purchased Agama Pro and the ‘edit with Elementor’ button soon disappeared. It was there at the beginning and now I can’t see it anywhere. The ‘pages’ and ‘posts’ boxes are both checked under ‘Elementor’ –> ‘Settings’, the plugins are all updated and PHP is updated as well.
    I hope you can help me with this.
    Thank you!



    Can you please provide more info, like the page URL where this is happening?
    What happened right before this happened? Did you add a third-party plugin, did updates?
    Have you turned the other page builders off and on while testing these? Are the other page builders Deactivated?
    Have you tried to reactivate the Elementor Plugin?

    There are many factors that could cause this so we need more info, please.


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    Thank you for your message and sorry for the late reply.
    I’m very new to this so I don’t know much and I’m sure I’m making some silly mistakes.
    I don’t have other page builders and I have tried deactivating and activating again the plugins but nothing.
    The button was there at the beginning, I tried to use it but gave me an error message but I didn’t investigate much. I went back the day after, and it wasn’t there anymore.
    I seem to be able to create pages with Elementor from the Dashboard but I wouldn’t know what to do with posts.
    And forgive my ignorance but what URL? Of the editing page?
    Basically, if I want to add or edit a new page or posts I can only do it with Gutenberg.
    Thank you again for the support.


    Hello, giosperanza92!

    Can you give me an address to your website and your WordPress login credentials in the private reply(check the “set as private reply” checkbox below the post), so I can check the issue directly on your website?


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    Hi, giosperanza92!

    I visited your site and found that there is some problem in the Gutenberg plugin (it’s still very unstable)
    , so I installed and activated the classic editor instead,
    and now Elementor works properly.

    Best Regards

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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