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    anthony galvaire

    I bought Agama Pro after seeing Particles feature in the free version.
    But Particles feature is not installed in the Agama Pro !
    You answered me by e-mail on May 26th: “Particles feature for Agama Pro will be released today, so you can expect quick update today.“. But 1 month after still nothing … Can you tell me what is going on or is it a scam?
    If it is not planned in the short term that this feature is available thank you to refund me the purchase of the pro version.
    In the waiting …


    Hello Anthony,

    This is not scam since we do not run away with your money and you already get our product so it cannot be scam, i would rather say it’s a delay with update and if there is a delay it must be with a reason.

    The Particle feature is already implemented in Agama Pro v1.3.8 (pending release), but there was change since particle should be a quick and small update but i have increased a TO DO list with some other serious changes and code improvement.

    It’s better for us to delay with update until we are 90% sure that there is no any serious bug missed out which could affect above 1000+ cleints.

    We have all right’s to delay with update as long as we need if the purpose of delay is to protect our clients from unwanted bugs.

    You can always ask for pre-release update and we will provide it to you without any bug free guarantee, but it’s in your interest to get bug free update than quick update with many downsides.

    Again, if you want pre-release update with particle feature please let us know and we will provide you proper download link.

    Best Regards

    anthony galvaire


    Thank you for this information.
    You do not give a delay in updating the theme with the particles feature: 1 week? 15 days ? 3 months ? 6 months ?
    So i want your link with pre-release update so that I develop my site.
    Subsequently, I would put the correct update once you have it published.

    In the meantime,




    Usually we release updates once per month, if we are working on some serious code changes (like now) the update can be delayed up to 2 month’s max.

    But the Agama Pro v1.3.8 is almost finished with coding and testing so i think it should be released for less than 1 week.

    Until than you can download pre-release (without bug-free guarantee) from link below:!lscxCa5a!LtI0lj_DXBmNuLeGfiQjmgY1_hMfmqZLSmEz1acRL1k

    Best Regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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