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    I use Agama Pro and setting up the portfolio page. I created several portfolio items and created categories as well, however I put a category at a portfolio item it appeares only in the “All item” section in the navigation menu on the portfolio page, but if I choose one of the categories than that item doesn’t shows up there.

    Can you please help me how to have them in the given categories as well?

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    This reply has been marked as private.

    Hello Zoli!

    1) I found that we have a small bug in the system and because of this bug,

    the portfolio category name must be a one word (without a space), then the filter will work.

    we will fix that in the next theme update.

    2) You can change the size of the portfolio single image with the next CSS code:
    (Insert it in Customize->General->Additional CSS)

     .img-responsive {
        width: 200px!important;
        margin: auto;

    change the width value per your needs.

    3)Unfortunately, the page template is coded to work on that way, We will strive to improve the style of the portfolio in the next theme updates.

    please check next post, it maybe helps you in the meantime

    Best regards.



    Thanks for your reply and for the CSS code. I only have a problem that it changes the size of the image not the size of the box where the picture takes place. I’d like to have the description part in a bigger box for example: 50% for the picture and 50% for the description. Now it is about 70-30% for the picture.



    I have added a custom CSS code and solved your problem.

    Now is the image and content space 50-50%.

    Also, I changed a width value from the previous post in % so you will get better responsivity for the image. You can change the image width value per your needs.

    I have partially solved your problem with portfolio description customization from post #7982.
    by copying the formatted text into the field “Excerpt” (Kivonat). in this way, the text is formatted.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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