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    Ludwig Loth


    the decription of the PRO plugin says that it comes with these Plugins: “LayerSlider WP
    Slider Revolution”.

    So here’s my question:
    I’ve installed the plugins but I cannot use the PRO version of these.
    Is it possible with these plugins to change the style of the default slider in Fury ?
    If yes, how?

    Thank you ! 🙂



    Hello, Ludwig!

    The Fury pro theme(plugin) comes with bundled premium plugins so you get it at the price of the Fury Pro plugin and do not have to pay extra for them, or for the subsequent registration and updates because we regularly update all plugins that come with the theme.

    LayerSlider & Revolution Slider works properly without an activation code.

    Only in the case, you want to access premium features, like importing demo sliders and unlock premium support, you will need to purchase a license.

    Here are the links for downloading the latest versions of the bundled plugins:
    Layer Slider
    Slider Revolution
    First deactivate and delete existing Layer and Revolution slider plugins, then upload and activate the downloaded plugins, manually from the Dashboard-> Plugins->Add new—> upload plugin

    It’s no possible to modify the Fury slider using these plugins, but you can replace the Fury slider with one of them if you want.
    1. Disable the Fury Slider…
    2. Create the new slider using the bundled plugins…

    3. Insert the SLider shortcode using your favorite page builder, to the page where you want to show the slider.

    Please let me know if you need additional help.

    PS. There’s also the option insert your slider’s shortcode into your child theme header.php file

    for the homepage only:

    Best Regards

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    Ludwig Loth

    Thank you Zex!
    That helped me a lot.

    Best Regards

    david hill

    Hi Guys,
    the Layer Slider and Slider Revolution links above are not valid.
    I would like to insert a video link into a 3rd slide on the included Fury Pro (paid)…
    is this possible or do I need to remove the entire slider and start over / import something else?

    Please advise.


    Hello, David!

    Here are the valid links for downloading the latest versions of the bundled plugins:
    Layer Slider
    Slider Revolution

    If you want to add a video slider, unfortunately, this is not possible with the Fury slider.
    Use the Slider Revolutionary or Layer slider, instead of the Fury slider, as I described to Ludwig in post #20921


    david hill

    OK thanks.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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