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    I am complete newbie, so please be patient with me.
    I know nothing about coding and agama-pro was a recommended best theme for bloggers.
    Are there any videos explaining how to use this theme?
    I have a problem with changing height of the slider with photos, also I have no idea how to amend or get rid of the weird menu underneath that slide, cant seem to find and tool to change height, colour or what is showing there. I also created menus and secondary menu, and I added the text to one link in primary menu called my story and it doesn’t show even tho I have publish it. Neither the photos do not show on the right column which I have created.
    I cant seem to add any keywords to the post as it asks to pay for extra SEO plugin or whatever that is.
    I also do not want to pay more for visual composer. Is there a way to use this pro theme which I already paid for to use without any further payments?
    my web-


    Hello maggiejurajda!

    Don’t’ worry! No need to know coding to use our theme 🙂

    Please check the Agama Pro documentation on next address:

    To change the slider height, go to:
    Appearance ▸ Customizing ▸ Slider▸General, and set the slider height per you wish.

    About that “wired menu” below the slider…that is the “Breadcrumb”

    If you want to turn it off , becouse you have a static front page , go to :
    Dashboard->Pages, Edit your front page, then scroll down to the”Agama Options”
    menu on the bottom of the page. next , in “Breadcrumb Options” disable the breadcrumb.

    You can find more options for the breadcrumb in Customizer -> breadcrumb menu.

    For the menu, you created…
    As I can see , your “My story” menu item is published and linked to the homepage.
    If you want to create custom link, to the external page, go to:
    Dashboard-> Menus create a Custom link and addit to the top menu

    As I see You’re trying to create blog on the static front page with the Visual composer… If that is the case, maybe post below can help you.

    …As I can also see, you created the “blog” page.
    To enable Posts on that page you must go to:
    Customizing ->Static Front Pageand set your “Blog” page as a post page.
    then you can go to: Customizer->Blog menu and setup blog.

    You don’t need to pay…

    The Visual Composer comes with Agama Pro theme as bundled package and it is mainly included because “Vision Shortcodes” are implemented into “Visual Composer” and that’s working normally without needed a purchase code.

    If you want to access a Visual Composer premium features as installing templates you will need to purchase a Visual Composer plugin and you will be provided a purchase code for activating a plugin.

    If you have more questions feel free to ask …

    Best Regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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