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    I have two problems with the portfolio:
    by clicking on “show project” it doesnt show the details of the project. it simply links back to the overview-site.
    On the details site of each project, it doesnt shows the whole text. There is also no link to show the whole text.

    How can I solve this problems?



    Hello Jessica!

    Sorry for the delay…

    For the first question you have…

    you have to add link in portfolio item page.
    Open Vision Portfolio menu , edit item, then scroll to the bottom of page to Agama Options meta box.
    Enter Project URL, in Portfolio options menu.

    For the second question…
    To display the entire text, open the “Customize-> Portfolio” menu and increase the value in Excerpt box.

    Best regards.


    Hi Zex,

    thanks for your answer, it helped to solve the first problem!

    The second question: I´ve tried to solve the problem, but it didn´t help. Now it shows the whole text on the overview site. But I want to show the whole text on the detail site. Is there a solution to this problem?



    Hello Jessica!

    Portfolio 1-collumn page template is coded to work on that way.
    And the “VIEW PROJECT” button is actualy for the external link to show to your visitors, the job you have done for your clients.

    If you want to show a short description beside the picture and the link to the vision portfolio item,
    you can do that on another way.

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Make a new Page for the portfolio overview ,
    for the page template , use “Full-width page.”

    2. Add an “Row”elemnt to page with Visual Composer Backend editor.

    3. Set the 1/2+1/2 layout for the row.

    4. Click on “+” sign on the left side to add a “Single image” element

    5. In Image settings box, pick your image, set the image size to LARGE
    set the On click action to “Open custom link”
    set the picture link to the vision porfolio detail page
    set the Link Target to the “new window”
    and dont forget to
    Save the changes.

    6.On the Vision Row right side, add a “Text Box element”
    In Text Setting box, add the Title and short description for the portfolio item.
    Save the changes.

    7. Click on the “+” sign below the text block to prepend a Button element to the text block.

    8. In the Button Settings box, set the button text, and set the link to the portfolio detail page.
    Save the changes.

    Now you can add a Separator element, to separate portfolio overview elements.

    10. Repeat steps 2-8 (9)
    for the each portfolio item you have.

    When you finished , dont forget to update the page.

    If you’ve followed all the steps, you should get a page similar to mine:

    When you click on the picture or on the “Read more” button, you should open a page with a portfolio item detail.

    I hope I was clear enough. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.

    Best Regards.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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