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    Hello, in the “Customize” -> “Site Identity” -> “General”, there are the fields “Site Title” and “Site Description” to edit, they had the previous data so I updated it and saved it (“Publish” button). However when I reload the “Customize” page, the changes were never saved and there is no way to solve this. The same happens in the WordPress “General Settings”, where the “Title” and “Description” can be modified, when I save the changes these are not saved.

    I was able to put the Title and Description I wanted by means of Yoast SEO plugin, but the drawback of using this is that in the breadcrumbs, the Site Title also appears with the Section Title, when in fact only the Section Title must appear ( see the blog’s title with the website title in the breadcrumbs).

    Thank you for your help!


    Hello, Nicolas!

    First, make sure everything is up to date. Update the WordPress if needed.

    According to your problem description, the error is not in the theme. Maybe some of the active plugins produce an error. Try temporarily deactivating all plugins, then check that the option works.

    Anyway, there is a very easy solution: There is an “Agama options” meta box at the bottom of each post/page. On the right, open the “Breadcrumb” tab, and enter a Custom Breadcrumb title in the “Breadcrumb Page Title” box, for every particular post / Page.

    Hope this helps you.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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