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    Buongiorno, sto utilizzando il plugin WPML per rendere il mio sito multilingue. Sono riuscita a tradurre tutte le pagine tranne la home page. Come posso fare per modificare la home page?


    Hello, Synergy!

    Unfortunately, currently, there is a problem between the Agama slider and Frontpage Boxes and WPML integration. we work to fix that in the next updates.

    Until we fix that, you can try to use the Layer slider(which you already got with the theme) instead of the Agama Slider.
    Please check next article:

    Also, you can make the Frontpage Boxes using the WP_Bakery page builder(in that case you will need to make your Homepage a Static)

    Please check the next video guide:
    Video Guide

    PS: If you give me your WP login credentials in the private reply(check the “Set as private reply” checkbox below the post) I can try to fix that directly on your website.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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