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Styling Bugs (Mostly with Dark Skin Style)

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    The following don’t seem to work correctly:

    Customizing -> Styling -> General

    1) Links Color: No matter what you choose, the links color seems to be some sort of grey shade. This is for both Light and Dark theme skin. The workaround is to set a { color: setcolor }

    2) Links Hover Color: This only works with the Light theme skin. If you choose Dark theme skin, it is a light grey no matter what you set as the color of the Links Hover Color. Tried setting a:hover { color: setcolor } but it was ignored.

    Frontpage Boxes Button Color Not Really Visible Using Dark Theme

    3) The text in the button is always dark grey, probably due to but @#1 above, and since the button is transparent, if you use Dark theme you can’t really see the button. When you rollover it, of course, you can see it as it turns light grey.


    Hello Bradley,

    Yes iam already noticed about dark style issues and im preparing new theme update.

    Once update is ready you will be noticed on your website admin dashboard.

    Best Regards

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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