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    Shawna Frede


    I am using full-width pages for my website and try to keep it responsive by using % instead of px for adjusting elements. Some pages on mobile or tablet however, they do not appear full width. I have fixed my footer and made sure my element’s margins fit correctly to my page but I am still running into this problem. It seems on a tablet in landscape mode, the pages I have issues with are stuck in portrait and only take up half the screen. If you could help me with this is would me appreciated.

    Thank you

    Shawna Frede

    The issue seems to be connected to my page attributes as when I switch to a default page, the pages work as intended. With some of my full-width pages, when scrolling down the screen the header becomes full-width but the page does not


    Hello, Shawna!

    Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the issue on my localhost test website.

    If the default page template works better for you, you can switch to it and turn off the sidebar from the agama options meta box.

    Please let me know if this option works for you.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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