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    Hi guys, new here and I’m having a lot of trouble with this, if there’s anyone that can help me it’ll be very much appreciated.

    I installed the Agama Free theme and liked the look of the slider, the default one on the free theme includes a full page slider which goes behind the main navigation – you can see the preview here:

    So I was playing around with it and enjoyed it so I upgraded to the Pro, I was pretty surprised when the default layout etc. of the pro theme is quite different, with a much worse default slider (no particle option either which I quite liked but don’t mind) – I was under the impression it would be exactly the same but with the full 10 options now available. I don’t think that’s much of a shock to think that given the free version says Slider 1 & 2, Sliders 3-10 Upgrade to Pro!.

    So anyway, I then saw that by paying for the pro theme, you also get Revolution Slider and I’ve been having fun with that, but there’s no way of getting that to appear under the navigation at all. Has anyone been able to do that? What I’d like ideally, is the look of the free Agama theme, but with Slider Revolution instead of the default one, I can probably work with everything else except this.

    If it was possible to get a refund at this point, I think I would as these additions are supposed to make things easier to customise, but short of trying to dismantle the entire theme by PHP – which I am definitely not qualified to do – I really don’t see how you can customise this the way it’s promised, I’m coming up on 20 hours with this.

    If anyone can help me I will be very grateful.


    Hello Dom,

    We are sorry for inconvenience you have with Agama Pro theme.

    Did you checked Agama Pro documentation on next address ?

    You stated only 1 issue (not tons) as i can see in your post 😉

    Agama free and Agama Pro uses same slider so there is no difference with it but in Agama Pro there are few things that are setting up little different like on Agama free theme.

    I’m working on daily basis to improve Agama Pro configuration to match as close as it can to Agama free theme so users who purchases Agama Pro theme would not need to familiarize themselves with changed options.

    In Agama Pro theme we have disabled full-screen slider since there was a responsivity issues but we are working to put this feature back in some of next updates.

    The particle feature is upcoming in Agama Pro v1.3.8 which will be released for day or two.

    The slider behind “transparent” header is possible to setup very easy and quickly but this are one from few things that’s are setting-up little differently like on Agama free theme, also transparent header is working with every slider, including Revolution and Layer sliders.

    To setup transparent header with any slider just go to:
    Appearance -> Customize -> Header -> Header General -> Header Style

    And choose “Header V2” from drop down menu, after that new “Transparent Header” button should be unhidden and you will need to turn it “On” and Voila you have setup transparent header with slider behind it. Easy isn’t ?

    Please check screen:

    We issue refunds only if you are in category like stated on our Terms & Conditions page.

    I hope i have helped you with your issue, also try to read theme documentation page or video guides so you can introduce yourself with Agama Pro theme.

    Best Regards

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    • This reply was modified 6 years, 10 months ago by Jerry.
    • This reply was modified 6 years, 10 months ago by Jerry.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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