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    Hello everyone!

    We use a lot of bootstrap code on our pages. Unfortunately we cannot use some of its newer features use right now as the Bootstrap Version used within the current Agama Pro.

    We use Agama Pro from December 2017 and the included Bootstrap version seems to be 3.3.4 from 2015 (if I figured out correctly).

    Is this planned to be updated or is it possible somehow to use Bootstrap 4.x or 3.3.7 on some pages manually?

    Thank you very much for a hint!


    Hello @elwielan,

    As you have noticed we are still using Bootstrap 3.x version in Agama Pro theme but we will change it to newest Bootstrap version (4.x) very soon in some of next updates, will try to update it as soon as possible but since we are in December i do not know exactly if we will push 1 more update or not until end of this month…

    If you are in hurry we can try to push this update until end of this month, so let us know your situation.

    Best Regards


    Hello Jerry,

    Thank you very much for the fast answer! Nice to hear the change is already planned from your side!

    No, we are not in a hurry, I just wanted to know if you generally plan to update it or not at all. Thank you very much for offering hurrying up, but no need for. Take your time and publish it whenever it is ready (-:

    Best regards


    Just in case this is useful information for you: We backported everything from v4 we need, so we can stay with v3 “forever”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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