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    Dominic Swayne

    I’m working on switching a site from the Agama Pro theme to the free Agama theme with Agama Pro plugin, and am encountering a lot of problems.

    1. Is the Vision Core plugin still necessary when using the Agama free theme and Agama Pro plugin?
    2. If I disable the Vision Core plugin, [vision-color-box] shortcodes in WP Bakery Page Builder no longer work. If Vision Core is no longer needed, is there a replacement for the [vision-color-box] shortcode?


    Hello Dominic,

    1) There is no need for the Vision Core plugin if you are using Agama free theme with the Agama Pro plugin.

    2) The Agama free theme suggests you install an Elementor plugin since it is a much better page builder than the WPBakery Page builder. You have a replacement in the shortcode in Elementor.

    Best Regards


    Is it possible to work on an Agama Pro plan with Elementor plugin if I Vision Core is already active?
    Does Elementor replace Vision Core, or WPBakery Builder or they can altogether enrich the syntaxis somehow?
    thanks, Ines



    The Elementor or WPBakery plugins cannot replace the Vision Core plugin. Also, those plugins will not conflict with each other but I do not suggest using the WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor page builder together… use one which most suits your needs and build your pages with it.


    Erik Hulsman

    Ik probeer op mij site vision core te in stalleren, maar krijg steeds een foutmelding

    Installatiepakket downloaden van…

    Download mislukt. Not Found


    @Erik Hulsman,

    Try again.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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