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VISION PORTFOLIO, кирилица and a few more questions

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    Good day!
    1. Set portfolio page custom slug.
    if specified “VISION_PORTFOLIO”, it displays items on pages PORTFOLIO, AGAMA_PORTFOLIO, VISION_PORTFOLIO
    on the page Портфолио: Nothing Found
    Apologies, but no results were found. Perhaps searching will help find a related post.
    if specified “AGAMA_PORTFOLIO”, does not display anything on any page.
    if specified “PORTFOLIO”, does not display anything on any page.
    if specified “Портфолио”, does not display anything on any page.
    2. The filter works only with categories: Show All, Category11.
    Although in all categories there are content.
    We think that the problem is in Cyrillic. Is it really so?
    English names uncomfortable for our site visitors.
    If it really problem in the near future cannot be solved, then we can start a Portfolio is not in vizion portfolio, and standard tools of WordPress to continue to work with them. Moreover, the next step concerns the question No. 3.
    3. On the main page we would like to see the portfolio in such form as “Последние новости” just above.
    Is there a convenient way to change the design?
    4. When installing the plugin Revolution Slider:
    Installing Plugin: Revolution Slider
    Извлечение файлов…
    Установка плагина…
    Каталог назначения уже существует. (the path to the folder instead of the phrase)
    Установка плагина не удалась.
    TGMPA v2.5.2
    Return to Required Plugins Installer
    We have not yet explored the possibilities of this plugin.
    How important is a plugin?
    In all other matters we love Your products. Of some settings of course, but this is not so important. It would be nice to have the ability to create your own page templates that will work when you update the theme.
    Depends on your answer what structure of the website we will create.
    Website address: http://xn--63-jlcezyo.xn--p1ai/ (декор
    We brought in a separate menu in the footer on the left. These pages will be removed after the issue.
    With Best Regards, Sergey.


    1. There was no response.Why not output the content on the Page “Portfolio”, we figured out, after changing the Url of the page to Latin it worked.
    Still not working with categories with Cyrillic names. The Url of these categories Latin.
    Does not work if the category name is “new category name” and “new category”.
    2. One item on hompage less than the rest in size. What is the reason-could not understand.
    3. After entering the code, described in one of my previous posts, empty space disappeared but left 1 sgtzy, above the footer. Where does it come from-was never found.
    4. Not enough arrows on hompeage. It would be more convenient.
    On the withdrawal page portfolio of beautiful animation, Postgrad do not have such opportunities. Want to continue to use your portfolio. Expect speedy updates.
    Revolution slider still not been able to establish, this is the only plugin that is not installed! Also waiting for an answer.


    P.S. favicon is not displayed on the category pages for portfolio and on the page and in the admin panel when editing categories and skills. The same is not displayed on some tabs the menu of ThemeVision.


    Hello Sergey,

    1) You already figured out.

    2) Elaborate please, maybe some screens could help.

    3) The update for this issue will be released possibly tomorrow.

    4) Multiple questions/issues in this statement.

    Next time when you create new thread please try to make clean and understating requests so we can help you.
    Also start 1 thread for 1 issue, not 1 thread with multiple requests so you will get quicker answers.



    thank you, Jerry. My English is weak and knowledge in programming and creating websites, not at all. I am a person is another profession. Help to install the revolution slider, if needed.


    3. the issue has been resolved. this is from the vc 24 px
    for users without rights to edit this margin not.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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