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    I have the newest Agama Pro version and also the latest WordPress version, all the plugins are upgraded also. But my webpage speed is so slow –

    How can I resolve those render-blocking resources, so that the speed would go up. And maybe you have some good advice how can I speed up my page (except image optimizing, that I know I have to do).
    Thank you in advance.


    Hello @kirsii,

    I have loaded your website just fine without delays.

    There are 2 types of website loading speed improvements:

    1. Server Related
    2. WordPress Related

    The server related improvements can be done with GZIP module enabled via your hosting control panel (in some cases you will need to contact hosting company to enable it for you). There are other server related methods which can speed up website loading but you will need to Google about it.

    The WordPress related improvements can be done by disabling unnecessary plugins (too many plugins can slow down website loading drastically).

    There are many plugins for CSS/jQuery compression, also “Cache” plugins can improve website loading speed.

    Anyway we are soon releasing Agama Pro v1.5.0 which is speed optimized and it already show us good results in speed tests so once it will be released you will notice website speed loading increase.

    Best Regards


    I get pagespeed score 1 with Google PageSpeed Insight, this is one point out of hundred. So the page is very slow. Problem is not server sided, as I have other pages with same server configuration and from same service provider.
    It is good news that you will look into that pagespeed in your new release. I will be waiting for it.
    Thank you.


    Even if the score will be 100 you will not much notice speed increase… thats only tools for developers to improve overall quality of vendor scripts and plugins loading.

    Anyway the score will be improved with Agama Pro v1.5.0.



    Yes, I am more worried about the page SEO, as google uses page speed as a ranking factor.
    But will be waiting for the new update. Thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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