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    New question 🙂 When I post my page, it will show only as a gray field in Facebook. I would like to setup a featured image for each side to show in Facebook posting, but then the featured image will show up on the page as extra content. How can I hide the featured image from all (desktop, mobile) view? My intention is to have a featured image (so it will show up by Facebook posts), but do not see it on the website.


    in reply to: mobil look #27786

    The outlook is better and better, thanks!

    I have two problems:
    1) on the mobile screen the main menu is still breaking into two lines. but only in standing mode, in horizontal view, it is perfect. The blog part is very tall on the standing mode.
    2) I have checked the webpage on my work computer as well. it has a 24″ monitor. The page view will not look nice on this big monitor either.

    I have uploaded two pictures, what I mean on the following link:

    sample photos

    So to sum up: it is looking perfect on a 17″ screen and on horizontally turned mobile screen, but needs some more fine tuning on standing mobile screen and big computer screen.

    Could you please send me further codes to fix it?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Thanks a lot for your help, really appreciate it!
    On desktop/laptop my site look exactly how I want.
    But on mobile screen it is not that cool yet.
    How can I force the menu into one row and the social icons in the header in the same line, even smaller, as on the desktop page?
    That would me perfectly satisfied 🙂

    in reply to: mobil look #27631

    Perfect, thanks! Last question for today 🙂
    I am trying to add a picture as the first post, but it wii not show up on the page.
    I use insert media file, picture is in jpg format, but will not appear.
    What could be wrong?

    Many thanks for your continuous help!

    in reply to: mobil look #27628

    Wow, much better 🙂 Now please could you send me a code for the same purpose on the breadcrumbs as well (to see properly on the mobile devices as well)?

    Thanks a lot!

    in reply to: mobil look #27624

    Thanks! It is much better now. Should I lower the letter size to have a better look on mobile screen?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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