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FreshBooks Review 2022 – Top 10 Accounting Software

An s accounting software may be perfect for your company if it creates many invoices. Many features allow you to produce quality invoices, manage and bill spending, send automated notifications, and more. The greatest accounting software for invoicing is FreshBooks, which we strongly suggest you check out.

With its feature-rich invoicing options, the platform alleviates many of the difficulties associated with bookkeeping. The ease with which the software makes it simple to write and deliver professional statements is one of the several reasons we chose it as the leading invoicing software for small companies. It is possible to create recurring invoices, collect credit and debit card payment transactions online with the software, and set up payment alerts.

You can see when a customer gets invoices sent using the platform after they’ve been sent. It keeps track of chargeable time and costs, enabling you to add them to reports. This is an excellent alternative if you are a freelancer or business owner that provides professional services.

The Verdict
FreshBooks FreshBooks

Intuitive and comprehensive, the platform’s double-entry accounting software has everything a small company needs. It's a great solution for single entrepreneurs and independent contractors because of the outstanding user experience and thoughtful features.

  • Keeping Tabs on Your Spending is a Breeze.
  • That function is beneficial if you need to liquidate expenditures after a client meeting: you must take a photo of the receipt with your smartphone and connect it to an item in the software to register the expense. You will have no trouble keeping tabs on which client expenses belong to or adding client expenses to an invoice as part of a refund agreement. By tying the Expense Tool to your credit card or bank account, the software allows you to import expenditures straight from your bank account. All of this information may be used to assist you in keeping track of the amount of money your firm spends each day.
  • Integrations With Hundreds of Different Apps
  • Membership to an amazing marketplace including over 600 applications, both third-party tools and add-ons for the software, is provided to you when you sign up. You are not required to utilize these accounting applications to get great quality out of this program; nevertheless, using them may
  • Restrictions Imposed on Users and Customers
  • The most significant shortcomings of the company are the limitations it places on both its users and customers. Every plan, except the Select tier, which enables two users, comes with one user; each additional user costs an extra ten dollars per month. The Lite and Plus plans, on a lower tier, allow for a maximum of five and fifty customers, respectively. These constraints may not be a problem for tiny enterprises, but they can make expanding more difficult and costly.
  • The Lite package Does not Provide Access to Bank Reconciliation or an Accountant.
  • The most basic services, such as bank reconciliation, are not included in the lowest price point plan. In addition, access cannot be granted to an accountant or bookkeeper. Most affordable software packages include these fundamental features of most accounting software packages.
  • Multi-Currency Support is Lacking.
  • Because it does not yet handle all currencies, FB's format and tax computations are r

About Company

When the firm was launched in 2003, it was a basic invoicing tool. The headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada. It has grown considerably, introducing new features and upgrading current ones yearly. For small firms, it’s now a packed online accounting tool with double entry. With Gusto’s connection, the software keeps track of receivables, payables, inventories, and payroll. Since the previous assessment, new features have been added, such as Outlook connection, an income importer, project profitability reporting, and monitoring of accounts payable.

After an unrestricted 30-day free trial, you may pick from one of four plans based on the size and intricacy of your company. A help website and video webinars are available to walk you through the software’s accounting capabilities and how to establish your account.

Charts highlighting bills, profit and loss, income sources, and expenditures may be seen on the main FreshBooks dashboard. On iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, mobile app offers exposure to the software’s essential functionality, including mileage and time tracking.


  1. Invoice

The platform’s invoicing tools are comprehensive. The company’s bills have a polished appearance, and you can customize the design, including a logo and a note. Inventory, labor and expenditures, and sales tax items may all be included in the customization. Similarly, E mail and print options are available. Creating recurring invoices is useful if you need to charge the same amount to a client on a regular schedule. Your clients may be reminded of their overdue bills by looking at a sorted list.

  1. Project Accounting

Aside from inventory accounting, the platform is the best option for project accounting. You may use it to manage project schedules and streamline processes by integrating it with its invoicing solution. Items like labor, inventory and sales taxes might be included in an evaluation. Estimates may be turned into projects and assigned actual labor costs after they have been accepted. As part of budget planning, you may also compare the predicted prices to the actual costs.

  1. Mobile Application

Sending invoices while on the move is made easier with FreshBooks’ mobile app. Nearly all of the desktop’s utilities may be accessed using this interface. Using this feature, you may input and pay invoices, collect payments and attach receipts. You can also track time worked and then allocate it to a client. If you often do business on the move, the mobile app will not disappoint.

  1. Calculation of Taxes for a Particular Country

The platform is fantastic for your company because it flexibly works with country-specific taxation systems. The software supports more than 120 nations’ tax calculations. When registering, you may choose a nation from the drop-down menu. The cloud accounting application is quite popular in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom because of its multi-national support.

  1. Security Measures

There are security measures built into the platform. Thanks to this cloud-based program, data loss and theft are no longer a concern. You may use a desktop, laptop, or mobile device to verify yourself and store your findings before you call it a night. The software provides additional user protection, which restricts the number of users based on their job title and membership plan type. Since the accounting system is role-based, no one but you will have insight into the company’s data.

Plans and Pricing

The platform provides four different plans, each differentiated from the others by a tiered pricing structure determined by the number of customers the user serves. If you subscribe to the packages yearly rather than on a month-to-month plan, you are eligible for a discount of 10%. Currently, the platform is giving a value of sixty percent off for six months. You can also benefit from a free trial period of thirty days to test the service’s functionality before joining it.

The details of each scheme are provided below. Prices have been adjusted to reflect the currently available reductions.

The Lite Plan

up to five chargeable customers are included in the monthly fee of $4.50. You may keep track of time using the program and accept online payments for invoices by connecting them to your bank account. Likewise, you get unrestricted access to the mobile app for iOS and Android devices. There is no restriction to the number of estimates or invoices that you may submit.

The Plus Plan

The subscription costs $7.50 each month for up to fifty customers. The FreshBooks reports that its customers use their Plus Plan the most, making it the clear winner in this category. You will be able to send regular invoices, automated payment notifications, and offers with this plan, in addition to charging late fees. Similarly, you can run financial statements, such as findings for general ledger, trial balance, and chart of accounts using double-entry accounting. Consult your accountant to partner with this plan if you have the Plus plan because it does not incur any extra user fees.

Premium Plan

The Premium plan has a month-to-month fee of $15 and can accommodate up to 500 customers. This subscription covers everything that is included in the Plus plan, as well as additional options for reporting and monitoring clients.

Select Plan

Businesses with more than 500 customers or generating an annual revenue of at least $150,000 should consider upgrading to the Select plan. Because the pricing is personalized, you will need to connect with a sales representative so that they can provide you with an estimate that is matched your requirements. The software provides a personal account manager to collaborate with and all the tools included in the Premium plan.

Additional Users

Each additional user will incur an additional monthly fee of $10. This is true for any business associates, independent contractors, or employees you decide to add to your service.


the service which enables you to take payments online will cost you 2.9 percent of each transaction in addition to 30 cents. Similarly, you will have the option of linking your Stripe account to the software.

Advanced Payments

There is a monthly fee of $20 for advanced payments, in addition to 3.5 percent and 30 cents for every transaction. By purchasing this add-on service, you will be provided with a digital terminal that enables you to receive payments in person and over the phone. If you have this assignment, your customers will have the ability to approve recurring payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Company Offer a Free Plan Subscription?

Whether you want to see if the software is a good fit for your company, you can try it out for free for a month. It enables you to judge whether or not you need this instrument in the future and how frequently.

What Are the Most Common Problems?

Even though Online Accounting Software is a godsend to many small business owners, there are still drawbacks that many are unhappy with. In addition to pricing, users have expressed displeasure with FreshBooks’ lack of currency compatibility and the small selection of invoice templates available. Likewise, the platform does not integrate with payroll software or PayPal.

How Can I be Sure That my Payments Account is Active?

For US and Canadian customers, WePay powers the platform’s payment. To get started, sign up for a subscription. Here are some simple steps to follow;

  • Make sure that your payment account has been verified.
  • Choose a business type
  • Verify your account.
  • Complete the remaining stages of verification.

How Easy is It to Use the Software?

Despite the shortcomings, the software provides the greatest customer service in the industry. Additionally, it’s among the few programs that have proposals built-in. Many small businesses might benefit from this software.

Is The Company Right for You?

Yes. The software may be set up in a matter of minutes. A few simple steps may enter your company’s name, email account, and contact information. Except for the capacity to generate journal entries and set up unique entities in the chart of accounts as an owner, you have access to almost everything. To do these duties, you need to hire an accountant or bookkeeper, which may be a pain for company owners who don’t have one. If you do not utilize the Journal Entry box, you can’t input starting balances in the system. The software allows you to add extra users, but only with a limited selection of user roles and rights for those users.