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Freshsales Review 2022 – Top 10 CRM Software

All entrepreneurs understand attracting customers is not as simple as it seems. You have to be proactive with your marketing approach. Freshsales is a sales automation solution. They have tools and intuitive customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for ambitious businesses and sales teams. Their advanced data insights, contact management, and workflow automation can empower any sales team with quality leads. Nurturing customer relations takes effort. Before you start working with Freshsales, you should know that it’s one of the software from Freshworks. The software is designed specifically for sales teams. They will come in handy if you are searching for a solution to your marketing troubles. Keep reading if you want to discover more about the company.

The Verdict
Freshsales Freshsales

Freshsales CRM is a simple and lightweight solution for small and midsized businesses. You can be up and running in no time because setting up the system is easy. The available customization options make the company even more appealing. You can improve operations, especially sales, with a few integrations. But it's still important to look at Freshsales reviews to find out what customers say about them. It helps you make up your mind quickly.

  • There is a 21-day free trial
  • Forever-free plan available
  • All the plans include the use of the mobile app
  • AI-powered insights
  • Extensive customization options
  • Multiple Freshsales integrations
  • Custom reports and analytics
  • Customer support is only available on weekdays
  • The free plan doesn't include reports

About Company

Freshsales is part of a larger ecosystem of tools called Freshworks. It’s a cloud-based CRM tool for sales teams in need. They integrate seamlessly with your system. It has AI-powered features that help you score deals and improve your contact list. It’s an ideal tool for small and midsized businesses because of the affordable plans. You can customize their built-in features to fit your business. Customization capabilities and AI insights set Freshsales apart from competitors. They have ways to reach prospects more strategically. You don’t need extensive team training to set up the intuitive software. It has built-in email and phone capabilities. This gives you a chance to communicate directly with contacts from the CRM. They are among the few companies that have managed to deliver software as an affordable service that’s easy to implement.

The parent company was launched in 2010. It was known as Freshdesk before it rebranded to Freshworks in 2017. They have built a lot of technological solutions that work for everyone. They help departments, including HR, customer service, IT, and sales marketers, do their jobs. Over 50,000 companies use Freshworks to manage different sectors of their business. Freshsales has a 21-day free trial. You will get contact and account management for free before upgrading to other paid-for features. Freshsales integrations allow you to connect with your favorite tools. You can integrate the software with Zapier, QuickBooks, PayPal, Outlook, or Xero, among other useful apps.

Streamlining lead generation means you will have higher client interactions and a better chance of closing deals and retaining new customers. Their services are available on monthly or annual subscriptions. Freshsales pricing makes it easy for a new business to pay for incredible lead generation strategies. It would mostly favor large corporations and well-established companies if it was too expensive. But the software caters to all business sizes. From the Freshsales reviews, you can tell that the software is very responsive, there are barely any delays, and integrations are super easy. But you also have to understand their features and services before deciding.


Freshsales can accelerate your revenue and shorten your sales cycle with their services. The lead management system converts lead into returning customers. Their CRM works on a mobile app or browser, making it convenient. Finding a lead generation and CRM solution for a small business can be tricky. But with Freshsales, anyone can access these services.

  1. Lead Generation

Freshsales will help you discover your website visitors and develop strategies for lead generation. You can use charts, websites, or forms to attract customers. When you focus on the best leads, you will create more opportunities. Website visitors are usually the most engaged, so you will turn the website into a powerful lead generation machine if you run chat and site campaigns. They will equip you with AI-powered chatbots to handle the campaigns and engage with potential customers. You can keep the site visitors informed in real-time rather than having them wait for long to get replies. A customizable website form will help you capture customers’ information. You can’t nurture leads into customers when you don’t have their contact information or any other data about them. You have to understand your visitor’s intentions to provide effective solutions. You can also mold your CRM to fit your needs. You must personalize your account or website to reflect your usage. That’s how customers know what you are all about.

  1. 360 Degree View Of Contacts

If you want your sales team to gain a real-time view of the lead generation journey, you should try Freshsales. This will help you understand your customers inside out. Using an automated sales campaign, you can cross-sell and upsell to your customer base. Customers undergo different stages before they are ready to buy. When you understand the potential buyers, you can develop a long-lasting relationship. When you get Freshsales, you will be helping your sales team work together to help customers. It’s usually not easy to manage a huge client base. But it will be very easy when you have the tools Freshsales offers. Personalized experiences on your website are what make visitors come back. Ensure you understand your customers well before you customize your eCommerce site.

  1. Auto-Assignment

The auto-assignment service is meant to help assign the right leads to the right team members. This saves you valuable time and quickens the lead management process. You will need to distribute leads efficiently if your company is large and has multiple departments. As much as the company is the same, you might be targeting different buyers. When you receive the leads, the auto-assignment feature will help you get the contacts to the right people. Your sales team will be engaging with the right customers and having contextual conversations that shorten the sales cycle. They will communicate seamlessly with SMS, email, chat, and phone. Giving all the leads to a single team can make you miss valuable opportunities. But if you evenly distribute them, the chances of scoring more deals are very high. You can even use the auto-assign chat conversations and assign leads to agents depending on their available bandwidth and skill level. You get to ask the sales agents on your team questions before issuing leads.

  1. AI-Powered Insights

Perhaps one of the best services is AI-powered insights. They make you focus on the right deals that guarantee revenue. It’s easy to mistake a dead deal for a valuable revenue opportunity. But the AI-based deal insights will find you the best deals to close. The insights also improve revenue predictability. They use dynamic forecasting to predict which leads have more potential. They will collaborate across teams in real-time to gain more insights. These are the kind of tools a small business might have a hard time accessing. But Freshsales members enjoy these services and much more regardless of the company’s size. Freshsales integrations like Slack are also helpful in providing insights. The AI learns from your customer data and gives you suggestions on what your next move should be. It uses historical data to predict the level of success in your deals. The AI will automatically detect duplicated contacts in your business account and maintain accurate, clear data. It identifies any mentions of dates or intentions to meet in your incoming emails. That way, you can set up tasks and meetings easily.

  1. Custom Reports

Drill deep into the sales data with custom reports. That’s how you empower your staff with data-driven decisions. There are standard pre-built reports you can use to track your metrics. But you can also create custom reports. Sales activity reports evaluate your sales based on the task completed, email sent, appointment scheduling, and calls made. You will drive data from every deal and determine how long your sales team takes to close deals. Reports have proven to be effective, which is why most companies are offering them.

  1. Multi-Language and Multi-Currency

You can set up Freshsales software to speak your language and choose from different currencies for localized sales. Customer relationship management becomes better when you can engage with customers in different languages or complete deals with their preferred currency. Choose the language and currency depending on where your opportunities lie. If you only serve local clients, you don’t have to worry about language and currency like an international company. This service allows you to operate your business from any region. If you have been thinking about expanding and conquering new territory, this software is your chance to do it. You can start managing global transactions effortlessly. The system allows you to convert currencies for deals in different regions automatically.

  1. Mobile Services

You can run sales from the comfort of your phone. They have a dashboard to help business owners keep track of their key performance indicators and performance metrics. You can access data when you are offline. This ensures you stay updated with records even when you don’t have internet. You can use voice notes for your records, so you don’t miss any details. The quick links feature allows you to add up to ten website links that you want to access easily through your phone. Automatic call logging will save outgoing and incoming calls and add valuable notes. You can send bulk emails or schedule to send them later to your customers. There are so many custom apps that will make mobile governance a possibility. All these features are supposed to keep your business running even when you are on the move. When you close office doors, your business doesn’t have to stop.

  1. Pipeline Management

This service enables you to close more deals in less time. You have to monitor, track, and prioritize deals in your pipeline. They help you set up a product catalog that has configured discounts, pricing structures, and taxes. You can also create multiple sales pipelines with unique stages reflecting your business. Edited document templates allow you to create and manage documents like NDAs, contracts, quotes, and MSAs. Use the pipeline management features to track goals for your sales agents by looking at the number of deals they have closed. Freshworks cheap software comes with all these features ready for use.

  1. Communication

Freshsales support will expand your communication bandwidth. If you used to communicate with clients via phone alone, you could now start using chatbots, emails, Whatsapp, and so many other methods. Without proper communication, lead generation and nurturing are virtually impossible. If you integrate Whatsapp with the system, you can read and respond to messages from Freshsales. The chat software gives your clients real-time feedback and encourages website visitors to come again. You can also resolve issues, interact with customers, and complete transactions with Apple Business Chat. You will be scheduling zoom meetings directly from your CRM.

Plans and Pricing

Freshsales offers a free plan and affordable paid plans. They keep it simple by only offering integrations and services that a business requires. You won’t have to spend money paying for features you may never use. Their plans start at $ 15 or $ 18 per user per month. If you have no budget, you can use their free version until you can upgrade. But if you can spare some money for lead generation and customer engagement, here is Freshsales pricing.

Growth plan

The Growth plan costs $ 18 per user per month. But if you go for the annual billing, you will pay $ 15 per user per month. The plan includes up to 2,000 bot sessions per month. You will access all the features in the free plan.

Pro Plan

The plan will cost you $ 47 per user per month, but if you are billed annually, you will pay $ 39 per user per month. This is the most popular plan for small businesses. You have up to 3,000 bot sessions per month plus multiple sales pipelines and time-based workflows.

Enterprise Plan

This plan costs $ 83 per user per month, but when you are billed annually, it costs $ 69 per user per month. It’s the most advanced plan with all the features and tools you need to generate sales. It includes up to 5,000 bot sessions per month.

The free plan doesn’t include bot sessions, and you won’t get access to AI-powered tools. If you want better services, go for one of the paid plans. Annual billing reduces the price per month and helps you save. Remember, all the prices are exclusive of applicable taxes. Since there are no contracts, you can easily adjust your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Turn Off AI Freddy?

They don’t say whether it’s possible to turn the AI off. Freshsales support includes an AI named Freddy that will identify duplicate leads and offer insights. It’s unclear whether you can turn it off and on at will. But you should consult their representative and see what the possibilities are. However, AI is very useful, and most times, there is no need to turn it off.

Is Freshsales Same As Freshworks?

Freshworks is the umbrella for several business tools, including Freshsales. The company has different software that deals with different aspects of the business. It includes Freshdesk, Freshchat, Freshservice, Freshteam, and Freshmarketer. All these software make up the tools that are under Freshworks. You can look at what each software has to offer and decide if they can be of benefit to your company.

Can I See My Billing History?

If you want a summary of your billing for however long you have used Freshsales, write them an email and request. It would be better if you could view account activities on the dashboard. But you can still get the information you want from their representative.

How Do I Downgrade Or Upgrade My Plan?

If you log in to Freshsales as an administrator, you will access account settings that allow you to change your plan. Under plans and billing, you will find the ‘modify plan’ feature. You should select a plan that fits and start enjoying the advanced features. The plan you choose when you sign up doesn’t have to be permanent. But you should know that the data associated with the current plan will be lost if you downgrade. That is because not all your features are available in the plan you are downgrading to.

How Do I Activate The Free Plan?

You can activate the free plan once you log in to Freshsales. The free plan can only be used for a maximum of 10 users. It doesn’t have all the features, but it can help you cut costs on every transaction.

Is The Company Right For You?

Freshsales is priced low enough to accommodate startups. The free plan is great for those who want to grow their business without a high budget. They offer advanced CRM tools and lead generation strategies that lead to revenue collection. Many companies are using their advanced features to gain an advantage over competitors. They make cross-team collaboration a possibility. If that’s all you are looking for, Freshsales is right for your business. Freshworks cheap products can be of use.