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Generate More Traffic Using Image Link Building with These SEO Tips

In digital marketing, images play a very vital role. That is why they are worth a thousand words. In digital marketing, they are worth more than that in terms of links if they are placed strategically. For your marketing, a campaign to succeed you needs the Best SEO Services and links to strengthen your brand. That is why you need image-based link building as part of your link building strategy to achieve a better ranking. 

To simply put it, link building is having your web content linked by other authoritative websites. These include your article, blogs, and other important resources. Besides these, you can also use images, videos, memes, and infographics to turn your website into a link magnet. What you may not know is that readers value images that are relevant to the information they are looking for. The brain processes visuals faster than text and images can stick longer in the mind than text that is why it is important to include images in your web content. That is why 32% of marketers will insist on adding images as part of your marketing strategy. If placed in a strategic area of the website, they can increase your site traffic by 12%. When it comes to social media, updates with images get 150% more shares than those with no images. If in doubt, try these link building tips and see what they do to your site traffic. 

1. Create Engaging Images

Digital marketers have no choice but to use images in their marketing strategies. The question is what kind of image are you using to in your content? Effective images will prompt visitors to take certain actions on your website. One such strategy is the – share to fill contact form – that works magic for your web traffic. You need to use images that elicit certain emotions to your readers. The best emotion to elicit is a pain. If you succeed in bringing this emotion out of your visitors, then you will nail it! The information portrayed by the images should be simple and digestible. Accompany your images with facts, how-to guides, tips, and quotes. 

2. Utilize Creative Tools and Image Resources

The first thing you have to do is find images that support your articles, social media updates or web content. And the second thing is to fine-tune those images to suit your business needs. Some of the best resources that provide quality images are ShutterStock, iStockPhoto, and AdobeStock. So if you need to use quality images, these are the best sites to find them. If you have your images and you want to fine-tune then, Canva will is the best site for you. With it, you can create compelling images to incorporate into your social media updates and texts. They have tons of preloaded templates to make your editing process seamless. Other graphic design services that can help you include AdobeSpark, Fotor, and Pixlr.

3. Use Infographics for Better Content Delivery

Although images are best used for link building, some content is best conveyed using infographics. They are used to enhance text readability and boost engagement. To grab the attention of the readers you need to incorporate infographics as they are thirty times more likely to be read than pure texts. To create effective and engaging infographics you need hours and even days of research before including them in your web content. These and your creativity will help you deliver interesting, interactive, and unique layouts. To help you with this you can employ tools like Piktochart, Visme, Venngage, and for stunning infographics.

4. Make Your Images Visible

When you have created your visuals and ready to use them, how sure are you that your visitors will find them? No matter how good your visuals are if you if your visitors can’t find them they are pretty much useless. You need to crawl robots from search engines to crawl your content if you want to be discovered. However, these crawlers cannot read images or infographics. Social media uses different criteria to get discovered. If you are on Twitter or LinkedIn, you will have an option for a short description of your images. You also get this option with Pinterest. For Facebook and Instagram users, you can increase your visual visibility by using trending hashtags. The easier it is for visitors to find you, the better the engagement level. 

5. Know who is using Your Images 

A digital marketer knows how many websites link to his or her images. There are also ways to know how many of them are being used without permission. This is an important metric that helps you grow your business. You can’t stop people from using your images once you have uploaded them on the Internet. However, you can still find out who is using them. This doesn’t hurt you if are given credit, but your ranking may be affected if an authorized person uses your visuals. To know who is using your images just open Google Image Search and paste the link of your picture. You will be provided with a list of websites that are using your images. 

6. Use Instagram and Pinterest for paid marketing 

Social media is one of the best marketing tools in the world and that is why capitalizes on it. If you want to boost your SEO strategies then I suggest you include both Instagram and Pinterest in your strategy. These two platforms are well known to use photos and images to reach out and socialize. They are also the top ten of the most popular networks in the world. 

Final Words

I trust that these tips will help you generate stunning visual graphics for your business and increase your social media engagement. This way, you will increase your website traffic which leads to better ranking in SERP. Focus images that offer the user more information on the discussed topic to emphasize your strong points. Use images that elicit emotions, this always work. Moreover, have a list of your on-site images that have been indexed by Google and other search engines to use them as authentic backlinks to your site.



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