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Greens and Reds Of Choosing A WordPress Theme

WordPress being a versatile platform supports almost every website. WordPress offers heaps of themes and choosing an appropriate theme for the business is not an easy task. A lot many things have to be considered while picking the right theme as using that theme you are going to build a functioning and stunning website for your business. 

When there are tons of options available, you would prefer to go through almost all of them and obviously it would consume you plenty of valuable time while coming up with the ultimate choice. From this vast pool of theme options, for choosing the right theme for your business, you need to narrow down the process by jotting down what your WordPress theme should have and not have. This will make your WordPress theme hunt mission easy and successful.

Here are some key do’s and don’ts that will help you in solving the quandary of how to select a WordPress theme suiting your business in the best possible manner.

Do Make A List Of The Features

Prior to commencing your search for the themes, make a list of features that you would want in your theme to make your business website even more attractive and functional. The filter feature in WordPress customizes your search and shows only those themes having the features that you want. Best features enable you to customize your website easily and achieve the set goals.

Do Select A Responsive Theme

The selected theme should adapt pretty well with mobiles, laptops and desktops. The widgets and menus should pose no problems while navigating and the contents and images should be in shape when the website is being opened on mobile devices. Features like fluid grids and stretchy images play a vital role in making the theme highly responsive.

Do Try-out Different Colours 

The most effectual online marketing tool is visual. To reinforce brand unity and boost brand recognition, colour plays an essential role. Your business logo colour and the theme colour should match each other to render a pleasing view to the viewers. WordPress themes are having unlimited and multiple colour options, so you can try out different colours and customize the colour along with other visual features of the theme that would suit best with your website. 

Do Mull Over a Premium Theme

Yes, it is true that with free themes you can save a lot of money, but if you take your business website very seriously, then you should mull over premium themes. Unlike free theme, premium themes benefit you by offering advantages like regular updates, additional features, customer support, and plenty of unique designs.  

Do Opt For Lightweight & Updated Themes

In this Internet Marketing era, your website’s speed matters a lot. You should choose lightweight themes or else your website will not be visible easily and directly in search engines. Lightweight themes load quickly and renders an excellent user experience. Similarly, you should opt for those themes that are updated regularly using high-quality code to enhance the website speed. Loading speeds of your website can be checked for a particular theme by making use of various online tools.

Don’t Go For A Bloated Theme

A theme offering too many features may tend to look attractive, but, a probability is there that too many features could harm your business in future. Lots of features present in a theme may distract your users, compromise security and can also impair your website’s performance severely. Try to avoid everything that is not required or make your website run slow.

Don’t Use Difficult To Read Fonts

Try to keep the theme as easy and simple as possible for the users to navigate and read your website. Readable, simple and sophisticated fonts should always be used instead of opting for Helvetica and Forte that is little hard to read. Fonts, which are presently in vogue, can also be selected like Open Sans, Alto, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri and Verdana. Some of the fonts can also be customized using CSS. Also, when the user will find difficulty in reading or find the content font clumsy, he can switch to another website.

Don’t Choose Themes Only Because They Are New

Though the newest themes having all the hottest features sound awesome, if you choose the most recent theme, it will be like gambling as these new themes might not have been used much by many users. Also, being new, there are chances that bugs will pop up on the webpage of your website. Always opt for themes that are tried, tested and updated because the occurrence of bugs issue will be almost zero. 

Don’t Make The Theme Complicated

There are numerous WordPress themes having complex layouts, multiple colours and animations that sound too good, but they can make your website problematical to use for your users. Instead of choosing from those complicated themes, it’s better to select an uncomplicated theme suiting your website content and which can be easily navigated.

Don’t Focus Too Much On Functionality

Unlike plug-ins, WordPress themes aren’t responsible for your website’s functionality. The themes can be used only to render an appealing look to your website on various mobile devices, desktops and laptops. Numerous premium themes are there that have additional functionalities such as SEO. But functionalities can be added to a WordPress application using particular plug-ins. Thus, you must choose for themes, which support essential WordPress functions.

Summing Up

WordPress is making its position prominent in the website development industry. Hence, today mostly all the business owners desire to build their site on the WordPress platform. When planning to develop a site, you must first finalize the right theme and this is the point where many of us get confused about which theme to choose for better website functionality. This blog could be beneficial for you as here are provided with some ideas on how you can narrow down the process of selecting the best and perfect theme for your website.


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