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Gusto Concierge Review 2022 – Top 10 HR Software

Gusto is an advanced payroll and HR software. They appeal to both experienced and new payroll administrators. The top-notch software will also help any business streamline its HR services. They stand out in a crowded industry of payroll service providers. They take the hardest parts of payroll processing and company administration off your hands. The cloud-hosted solution favors startups and small businesses yet to figure out their HR and payroll processes. But the company is still relatively new, so it’s not unusual if you haven’t heard of it yet. But this is a sneak peek at what the company has to offer. A review can help you decide if the software is right for you or not.

The Verdict
Gusto Concierge Gusto Concierge

Gusto is a great payroll and HR provider. They are highly recommended, and it's for good reason because all their amazing reviews check out. There are services you haven't been able to provide your employees, but you can start doing them with the Gusto software. The software is capable, easily usable, customizable, and affordable, and you can have multiple integrations. Your only concern is their pricing per person when you run a large enough corporation. There are also some automated features that you can do away with if you have some payroll knowledge. It might lessen the monthly costs. But the overall performance of Gusto is commendable.

  • Pros
  • They offer helpful integrations.
  • Their software is very easy to use, even for beginners
  • Gusto manages employees’ benefits for you
  • Robust onboarding and hiring tools
  • There is a contractor-only version
  • Comprehensive mobile access
  • Customization is possible
  • The automatic tax filing helps with compliance
  • The core plan doesn’t include time tracking features
  • The per-person pricing can get costly for large scale

About Company

Gusto is a US-based full-service payroll and HR service company. Contractors and employees can choose between manual and automated payroll services. The company was launched in 2012 as ZenPayroll. They have over 200,000 businesses in the country they are working with. Using one simplified and easily integrated system, they can help you simplify and automate benefits, HR, and payroll processes at your company. Gusto accounting will give you peace of mind while you and the employees focus on other matters. They have prominent investors backing their services. With years of excellent service comes a lot of good press. The company has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, and other outstanding news outlets.

It’s hard to achieve a glamorous profile like Gusto without going the extra mile with every client. Gusto onboarding service can help you acquire the right talent for your team. When coming up in the industry, you may not know what to look for in a job seeker, which can make you hire the wrong people. But with a reliable HR system like the one Gusto provides, onboarding, payroll, and benefits administration will be taken care of. The company also submits local, state, federal, and payroll taxes. They serve businesses and contractors in all fifty states.

Although they are still relatively new compared to competitors, they have developed a smart set of tools that are hard to ignore. Their easy-to-use, mobile-accessible, customizable, and comprehensive system mostly appeals to managers unfamiliar with payroll. The payroll workflow will run smoothly, and you can avoid manual errors. So many people vouch for Gusto because they have relied on their system, and it’s yet to fail them. That’s how they have acquired an enormous customer base after a few years in the field. Keep reading for more insights about the company.


Gusto offers several plans; each one has different features and a different price tag. The plan you choose decides the kind of services you access from the platform. They have some innovative features a young company will find very impressive. These are some of the services they provide.

  1. Payroll

Payroll takes a few clicks when you use Gusto. It’s one of their primary services; you can use their tools to pay part-time and full-time employees, consultants, and freelancers. Plus, they automatically file taxes for you and ensure you are compliant. Payroll tax responsibilities can be overwhelming. If you find software that can automatically calculate, fill out and file tax forms, you will be in a better position. They are good at identifying tax credits to help you save cash. When your payroll is pretty consistent, you can set the system to run on autopilot. This is a convenient feature, especially for employers who manage many workers. Gusto gives you several payment options to distribute funds among your employees. You can use direct deposits, prepaid debit cards, or paychecks. Everything you need will be synced with the payroll for ease of use. You can stop worrying about forgotten forms and signatures.

  1. Onboarding and Hiring

Gusto streamlines and simplifies your hiring process using different onboarding tools. They will first help you create the best offer letters and job posts. This is the first step to attracting the right talent. If you publicly list the job opportunities, your offer letter needs to stand out. An onboarding checklist can save a lot of time. The job candidates can fill out the checklist before continuing the process. There are several applicant tracking software out there you can integrate with Gusto to make the recruitment process even easier. Other onboarding tools include document management, e-signature documents, organization charts, and employee directories. If you subscribe to a higher plan, you may access more advanced onboarding features. Gusto onboarding is more than necessary, especially for a growing company. You must recruit more people until you have put together your dream team.

  1. Employee Benefits

Gusto employee benefits include features like enrolment, advising, and support. They will help you build the best benefits package for your workers. You need more than paychecks to retain employees. There must be health and other financial benefits that act as incentives. With the Gusto Wallet App, employees can access emergency cash, save money, manage paychecks, and do so much more. Gusto has broker integrations; you can quickly move your current health insurance broker to them. Health insurance is probably the most valuable benefit for your team. Gusto has 100 carriers, licensed advisors, and over 3500 plans. They will assist you in developing a health plan for your team that is within your budget. The other benefits are the 401(K) retirement plan and workers’ compensation insurance. Commuter benefits can also be part of your benefits. All these processes need an expert to help, and that’s why most businesses turn to Gusto.

  1. Integrations

Besides the Gusto time tracking app, they offer many other integrations for Pont OF Sale, time and attendance, accounting, hiring, tax preparation, and business insights. Having this high number of integration capabilities puts your business on a great path. It’s also convenient because you can get multiple solutions from one platform. Some readily available integrations include Bookkeeper360, AttendanceBot, 7Shifts, and AccountingSuite. Gusto is an all-in-one platform with timely solutions to most of your issues.

  1. Legal Compliance

Compliance is crucial because otherwise, you will be having endless encounters with the law. Compliance cuts across almost all aspects of your business, but mostly payroll and HR. Gusto accounting will ensure you are compliant with your finances. But they also process and file all the necessary paperwork for new employees you hire. The software will also automatically generate your year-end tax forms for the team. You will receive digital copies of these forms for your contractors and employees. They will also assist you in remaining compliant with the federal regulations when you offer employee benefits. When you have a small team, you won’t have people to tackle everything, making it possible to miss necessary paperwork. But with a system like Gusto, you won’t miss any important thing that will make your business non-compliant. The auto-calculation feature doesn’t allow mistakes. They keep track of the changing tax laws, so you won’t have to worry. Gusto time tracking app will keep tabs on the hourly workers for your business to stay compliant.

  1. Employee Attendance

Depending on your chosen pricing plan, Gusto can run some or all your tasks concerning employee attendance. You can establish sick time and vacation policies and then track employees’ accruals and balances. The concierge plan can handle time-off requests. Your workers will submit their time-off requests on the website, and the managers will either accept or deny them. Employee attendance is a crucial aspect when you are trying to measure performance. It will also affect the payroll processes. Handling the attendance and performance of a large team when you are alone can be almost impossible. You need all the help you can get, and that’s what Gusto is offering.

  1. Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reports identify some of your mistakes and give you a chance to correct them. Some of your HR policies might not be working well. You won’t probably notice until the analytics and reports come in. Gusto will give your administrator a chance to run valuable reports. It’s easy to customize your reports based on the information you want to analyze. Access to timely authentic data is all a growing company needs to make better business decisions in the future.

  1. People-Focused Advising

Gusto believes every business needs more than an accountant; they need a people-focused advisor. If you combine financial expertise with people’s advice, you won’t make bad decisions easily. Instead of focusing on the bottom line alone, you can start putting people first. The people in these cases are the ones that make up your team. When policies don’t favor them, it makes it hard for the employees to be productive. Gusto will help you form people advisory practices using custom training. You can get the skills you need to interact with clients, contractors, and employees. His service is mainly targeted toward accountants and people who run accounting firms.

  1. Charitable Giving

Gusto can help employees who want to automate charitable giving by directly deducting donations from their paychecks. They will transfer the money to the charity of their choosing. You can match your employees’ donations to help them further their courses if you want. But you should ensure you are not going way over your budget to a point where the donations drown you.

Plans and Pricing

Gusto offers four different kinds of plans for businesses. Their rates start at $ 45 per month, depending on your desired features. But for contractor-only businesses that haven’t acquired W-2 employees yet, the rates are $ 6 per person per month. The good thing is that you can join Gusto, enjoy all the benefits, and don’t pay a dime until you are ready, thanks to the free trial. Ensure you analyze the four plans well. That’s because some favor small businesses while others are great for complex businesses with many payroll and hiring processes. These are the four pricing tiers.

  • Core plan: $ 39 per month
  • Complete plan: $ 39 per month
  • Concierge plan: $ 149 per month
  • Select plan: Custom pricing

The concierge plan is suitable for companies with sophisticated HR and compliance needs. The plan consists of everything in the core and complete plans with a few additions. You will get a dedicated support team, compliance alerts, certified HR pros, and an HR resource center. But if the plan doesn’t accommodate your needs, you should try the custom plan. Picking a plan without careful consideration will have you pay for services you don’t require. Try contacting their sales representative if you have a hard time choosing.

Health savings accounts (HSAs) will cost $ 2.50 per participant per month. Commuter benefits for pre-tax spending accounts costs start at $ 4 per participant per month. Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) also cost $ 4 per participant per month. If you want to offer these benefits, confirm their prices with the company representative first. Gusto performance reviews mostly agree that their services are affordable. But when you have a large team of employees and various branches of your business, the HR and payroll costs will start to add up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gusto Have Long-Term Contracts?

Gusto is a month-to-month service; you can cancel anytime. If you feel like you aren’t receiving what you paid for, you can explore other options after canceling their services. But if Gusto performance reviews are anything to go by, you are going to be impressed with their services.

How Many Times Will I Be Able To Run Payroll per Month?

All four plans come with unlimited payroll runs. That’s a relief because if they charge you for each run, the prices might be very high for startups and small businesses. However, they are going to charge you for off-cycle payrolls. Many payroll services come with all the plans that make their software worth the while. These services might defer depending on the plan, so take a keen look at the available payroll feature during your free trial.

What Do I Do If The Number Of Employees Keeps Changing All Year?

Since Gusto charges you for active employees only, if your number of workers keeps increasing, your prices will also increase. This is something to keep in mind when adding new members to your team. Deactivate seasonal employees so that you don’t have to incur the costs unnecessarily. This is a clever way to keep costs low until the workers come back. A growing business needs a scalable plan you can easily adjust when your team increases.

Is It Possible To Downgrade Or Upgrade My Plan?

Gusto is flexible; you can downgrade or upgrade your plan if your needs change. You might feel like the current plan is not accommodating your expanding HR needs. It might be because you need new features to take your business to the next level. All these seem like legit reasons to upgrade. You can move from one plan to the next after a month. When you upgrade your plan, the new features will kick in immediately. However, your downgrade will take effect at the start of the next billing period.

Does Gusto Help With Migration?

They will help make the process smooth. Payroll data is comprehensive; migrating everything from your existing payroll service provider is daunting. But the representatives at Gusto will try to make it an easy transition. Sometimes they offer white glove services by collaborating with the current payroll provider. Once everything is transferred, you will get started with Gusto after selecting a monthly plan.

Is The Company Right For You?

Gusto is an ideal software for contractors and employees looking for advanced payroll capabilities. It also makes sense for businesses that need HR solutions. Their customer support is above average. They will help with integrations, migrations, and technical issues. It automates a lot of repetitive processes that usually take too much time. Every business needs HR and payroll services. Even if you want, you can’t ignore them forever. It’s better to outsource the services you need from a reliable platform like Gusto. They have taken the time to curate solutions that favor new and small businesses. They serve all fifty states. They have hundreds of thousands of loyal customers. That should tell you the kind of services they provide.